Metaphysical Properties and Spiritual Healing Powers

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye & Crown

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Planet: Neptune

Numerology: 1

Element: Wind/Air

Spiritual: Known as the stone of awareness, angelite represents tranquility and oneness. Helpful for connecting to the angelic realm, angelite enhances your ability to connect with your guardian angels or spirit guides. It will open us up to receiving love and guidance from the higher realms. Aids in enhancing psychic awareness and boosts your clairvoyance and spiritual guidance. Useful for spiritual counselors and astrologers when channeling psychic energy and telepathy. Angelite can help improve mediumship and your ability to connect with spirits who have recently passed. Helpful for doing dream work and receiving messages in our dreams. This stone is also helpful for doing past life work and accessing the Akashic Records.

Emotional: Balancing the throat chakra, angelite enhances your ability to speak your truth and aids in communication. Brings compassion and understanding.

Physical: It transforms disorders and pain into a state of healing. Angelite can remove energetic blockages when placed at the feet. It can also reduce swelling and inflammation. Known to help with balancing the thyroid. Can act as a diuretic and can also be helpful for sunburns.

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