One of the most popular stones around, Amethyst can be found in almost any crystal lover's household. Its rich violet hue and sparkling crystal structure captures everyone's attention. 

Amethyst is commonly sourced out of Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, India and South Africa. The most common we sell here at Gypsy Soul Dreaming is from Brazil. 

This beautiful crystal has so many properties, its mostly known for its ability to heal and help bring a calming vibe. 

Amethyst makes a fantastic spiritual protection amulet. When you are feeling like other people's energy is dragging you down, this is the one to go to. It will help prevent psychic attacks and energy vampires. Placing a piece in with your tarot deck or where you may do any kind of divination would be beneficial. It is also known to heighten your intuitive abilities and enhances the energy in your aura. You can also increase your ability to contact spirit guides and angels by working with it. Amethyst can also purify space before a ceremony, and amplify the energy of other crystals.

As mentioned before, amethyst is known for it's calming abilities. It can also bring about balance in life, new beginnings and moving forward in life. It helps you deal with every day responsibilities and any changes you need to improve your position. Amethyst can also help you with public speaking with all of that calming energy. It is also known to be helpful for obsessive compulsive disorder, anger, violence, over-sensitivity, tension, grief, and an overactive mind. 

The list for physical ailments that amethyst can help with is a detailed one!  History talks about chalices made of amethyst in order to prevent drunkenness. It was thought that the amethyst turned the wine into water! So now, amethyst is a great stone to help with sobriety and addiction. When you are struggling to find the root of an issue, Amethyst can help you find the cause of the dis-ease. It is also helpful for headaches and migraines (only if you have an under-active third eye). If you have a high functioning third eye, placing a purple stone on it may not be helpful, instead a grounding stone may help. Here is a list of other ailments amethyst is known to help with:

  • Hearing
  • Hormone regulation
  • bones & teeth
  • heart
  • insomnia
  • Circulatory & sympathetic nervous system
  • acne & skin
  • asthma
  • blood clots
  • bacterial & viral infections
  • bad posture
  • cancer
  • arthritis
  • immune system
  • stomach
  • liver
  • endocrine glands
  • detoxing & blood cleansing


You will need the following:

Cut a cloth into a 6x6 square or open your little blue bag. Blue is the color of calm and sleep. Take a pinch of each of the herbs one by one and place them in the center of each cloth. With each pinch of herb, place your intention. For example, with this lavender I am calm, with this chamomile I am sleepy, with this buchu leaf I am peaceful, with this mullien I am relaxed, with this valerian I am rested. Then place the amethyst on top of the herbs and think or say outloud what this amethyst will be programmed to do. Place a couple drops of the essential oil on top of everything. Take each corner of the cloth and tie off the pouch with a piece of ribbon. Adorn your bag with a charm that goes with the theme like a moon or a peace sign. Once you have your bag all ready, place it next to your bed, under your pillow or in your mattress. Rest well and sweet dreams!