Being associated with blood, there are a lot of ancient traditional stories about bloodstone. Ancient Egyptians believed it to be born from the blood of Isis and provided personal strength and invisibility. In Ancient Greece, it was thought that the Gods provided it to stop internal bleeding. It has even been used ground up into a powder for pregnancy and lactation (please do your research and consult your doctor before internally digesting any elixir or holistic remedy). In the Mediterranean, bloodstone was used to ward against the evil eye and aid the blood and kidneys. Rumors also suggest it was created as the result of Christ's blood dripping on green jasper during his crucifixion. 
Bloodstone is an excellent stone for centering. As it balances the heart chakra, it will aid in becoming centered during meditation. It also brings courage and strength, and can boost your creative abilities! Bloodstone can not only cleanse the blood, but can also be used to cleanse the aura. It can also ground and help one shift towards Christ Consciousness. It brings protection on many levels especially on a spiritual level.
Being a centering stone, it is also helpful for centering your emotions and calms your vibe! It can help you unwind and destress, while also easing any anger issues. Have a bad temper? Carry this stone with you and hold it when feeling frustrated. It provides you with the personal power you need to release your fears and strengthen your mindset.
As mentioned previously in ancient lore, bloodstone has been used in issues concerning the blood like ridding of toxins, cleansing, anemia, iron deficiency, nosebleeds, bloodclotting, menstruation, and blood flow. Speaking of blood flow, bloodstone can get your blood pumpin! If you're feeling pooped, wear bloodstone and carnelian together to get your motivation and energy boost going. 
With all the amazing properties Bloodstone has, the protection property is the one we will work with! You will need:
  • 2 oz amber spray bottle
  • distilled water
  • Tumbled bloodstone (or even little bloodstone chips would work!)
  • 3 Essential Oils for protection (You can choose from frankincense, rosemary, Jasmine, amber, sage, palo santo, or cedarwood)
  • A funnel for putting your mixture into the bottle
  • A bowl or measuring cup for the bloodstone elixir

First things first, fill a bowl or cup with distilled water and place the bloodstone in the water. You can let the bloodstone soak in the water overnight, but better yet, place under a full moon or during an eclipse for an extra oomph! Take your spray bottle and blow your intention into it. Take your 3 favorite oils and breathe them in. Take your favorite of the 3 and drop 15 - 20 drops in the bottle. Take your second favorite and drop in 5 drops. Smell it and see if it feels right. If not, add a couple more, if it smells amazing, take your third favorite and drop in 3 drops and give it another inhale. Adjust the balance of your oils intuitively and based on what smells right for you. Then, place the funnel into the bottle and gently pour in the bloodstone elixir water. If you have chips, add them in before you add the water. Put the lid on your mixture, shake it up, and spray! Use this when needing to protect yourself before leaving the house or performing a ritual. Or just use it when you are called to, or every day because you love it!