Orchid Calcite

Metaphysical Properties and Spiritual Healing Powers

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral & Root

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Planet: Sun

Numerology: 5

Element: Fire

Deity: Bast, Arinna

Spiritual: Orchid calcite is a great stone to use to break up energy blockages. It will help remove obstacles that stop you from moving forward. It will work with your prana or chi, enhancing life force energy. Using orchid calcite outdoors during meditation can help with grounding. Orchid calcite can help one see sacred energy of life in our physical world, especially when things seem mundane.

Emotional: Use orchid calcite to lift your mood, enhance your willpower, and combat laziness. If you have emotional stress, this stone will help you release it. It will boost your energy, passion, and affection. Orchid calcite will help one say 'no' when they are overcommitted. This same energy can make one be more spontaneous. 

Physical: This stone helps balance the sex organs. It can also help with constipation, joints, calcium absorption, bones, skin and tissue regeneration. Use to balance hormones, reproductive health, pregnancy and birth.

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