Rainbow Obsidian

Chakras: Root

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Planet: Saturn

Deity: Itzpapaloti

Numerology: 1

Element: Fire

Spiritual: Rainbow obsidian has a beautiful banding that ranges in color from blues, greens, and purples. The color comes from tiny inclusions of magnetite. Rainbow obsidian is a great grounding stone that keeps you connected to Earth. It helps cleanse the aura and balances the chakras. Place on the heart to release energetic cords from old lovers. By helping heal a broken heart, rainbow obsidian provides comfort to grief and provides love and fulfillment for those in need, Removing energetic cords of all kinds, it also helps remove old karmic energy. Rainbow obsidian can help boost your intuitive abilities, especially in the love and relationship department. It brings love, joy, and light.

Emotional: If you're struggling emotionally, rainbow obsidian may be helpful for you. It can help release depression and balance out mood swings. Holding or meditating with it can also help release fears and protect those who are struggling. Rainbow obsidian is a self esteem booster and helps reduce feelings of jealousy and anger.

Physical: Rainbow obsidian helps detox organs and boosts the circulatory system and arteries. Helps one overcome eating disorders and assists with sobriety and addiction. Can also help with pains like cramping and arthritis.

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