Crystals Delivered Monthly

A hand selected mineral specimen which includes:

  • An educational description card explaining the properties of your new piece
  • A bonus card explaining the shape of the stone and how to use it!
This monthly box is perfect for new crystal lovers or experienced healers looking to expand their toolkit! Each month we offer a different mineral in a different shape at a discounted rate!  Enrolling in this subscription ensures that you will have a great deal on a beautiful piece!

Easy to Order

Sign up before the 15th of each month to get your subscription!  Payments go through on the 15th of every month, so you know when you'll be charged! Once you're charged, shipments start going out 2 weeks later on the 1st. That way, it gives our team time to find our next crystal we want to share with you!! Plans will automatically renew each month, no cancellation fees, and no shipping fees!

Enjoying Earth's Gifts

Our goal is to share our love for the mineral kingdom with you! We want you to have the tools, knowledge, and experience to enjoy these pieces as much as we do!  We have sent out generators, clusters, spheres, carvings, home goods, and more!  We will always do our best to change up the mineral and the shape each month to give you a wide variety. Check out our story highlight on instagram to see the pieces that have already shipped out in previous months!

Scroll down below to see past crystal of the month pieces that are available to purchase at full price.