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Aquamarine Carved Mini Cube


Aquamarine is a gemstone that is associated with the purity and relaxation. The water energy helps balance emotions. It is believed to have calming, soothing, and cleansing properties, and to inspire truth, trust, and the ability to let go. Aquamarine gets its nickname "Mermaid Treasure" from lore that says it was the treasure of mermaids and was used by sailors as a talisman to bring good luck. It was also considered a stone of eternal youth. Today, aquamarine is said to protect those who travel by, over, or near water, and to open the channels of clear and heartfelt communication. The name aquamarine comes from the Latin words for "water" and "sea," and refers to the gemstone's ocean-like color, which can range from pale blue to bluish green.  It is said to be under the influence of the moon, and to be particularly effective for predicting future events when the moon is increasing. Aquamarine is also associated with the sea and heaven, and is believed to be a stone that is helpful for meditation and self discovery. It is said to allow individuals to explore the depths of their souls and to do deep inner work.

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