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Large Carnelian Sphere


Introducing the Carnelian Sphere, a powerful tool for transformation and manifestation! At Mystic Soul Ritual Shop, we take great care to source the highest quality crystals and stones, and this stunning carnelian sphere is no exception.

Carnelian is a powerful stone that's been revered for centuries for its energy-boosting and creativity-enhancing properties. It's said to activate the Sacral Chakra, which is the center of creativity, sexuality, and pleasure. When this chakra is in balance, we feel a sense of vitality, passion, and confidence.

The sphere shape of this carnelian adds an extra layer of magic to this already potent crystal. Spheres have been used in spiritual and healing practices for centuries because of their unique properties. Unlike other shapes, a sphere emits energy equally in all directions, creating a harmonious and balanced energy field. It's said to promote unity and completeness, making it an ideal tool for meditation and spiritual work.

When you combine the properties of carnelian with the properties of a sphere, you get a powerful tool for transformation and manifestation. This carnelian sphere can help you tap into your creativity, boost your energy levels, and manifest your desires. Place it on your desk to enhance your productivity, or use it during meditation to connect with your inner wisdom and guidance.

The picture is the exact piece you will receive.

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