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Cats Eye Tumbled Stone


These beautiful Cat's Eye Tumbled Stones are a mesmerizing addition to any crystal collection. These stones are carefully crafted from natural chalcedony, a mineral known for its unique optical properties that give it its striking "cat's eye" effect.

Each stone is polished to perfection, creating a smooth and tactile surface that feels soothing to the touch. These tumbled stones come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1-1.5 inches in length, and are perfect for carrying in your pocket or displaying in a crystal grid.

Cat's Eye stones are believed to have powerful metaphysical properties, including providing protection, enhancing intuition, and promoting clarity of thought. These stones are also thought to be beneficial for those seeking balance and stability in their lives, helping to soothe anxieties and provide a sense of calm.

Whether you're an experienced crystal collector or a beginner, our Cat's Eye Tumbled Stones are a must-have for any crystal lover. They make a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking balance and harmony in their life, or for those simply drawn to their mesmerizing beauty.

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