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Chakra Crystal Healing Kit - Selenite - Sage - Terminated Quartz Tower

$30.00 $35.00

A chakra crystal healing kit ready to use!! Included in this kit is the following:

🌟 1 set chakra stones (7 stones total)
🌟 1 selenite wand
🌟 1 clear quartz terminated point
🌟 1 small bundle of sage

This Crystal Healing Kit is essential for balancing and aligning your energy centers. Each handpicked chakra stone (Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Blue Quartz, Blue Lace Agate and Amethyst) resonates with a unique energy, guiding you towards inner harmony and self-discovery. Thia kit includes a selenite wand and clear quartz terminated point to cleanse your crystals and space, and amplify the flow of positive vibrations, while the sage bundle purifies and cleanses your space, creating a tranquil atmosphere for your practice. Whether you're new to chakra work or a practitioner, this kit serves as a powerful tool to cultivate mindfulness, promote healing, and awaken your spiritual potential. Great to use during meditation or simply a ritual to feel more balanced.

Red Jasper grounds and stabilizes your root chakra, fostering courage and vitality.

Carnelian ignites the sacral chakra, boosting creativity and passion in your endeavors.

Citrine empowers the solar plexus chakra, attracting abundance and infusing positivity into your life.

Green Aventurine nurtures the heart chakra, promoting emotional balance and growth.

Blue Quartz activates the throat chakra, enhancing communication and self-expression.

Blue Lace Agate soothes the third eye chakra, encouraging clarity and intuition.

Amethyst awakens the crown chakra, connecting you to higher consciousness and inner wisdom.

This listing is for 1 chakra Crystal healing kit. 


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