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Chakra Dangle Earrings with Crystal Beads and Lotus Flower Charm


Stainless steel fish hooks with wire wrapped round chakra beads and a lotus flower charm to balance your chakras and keep you grounded!

☽ ☾ A M E T H Y S T ☽ ☾
Balances the Crown Chakra. Provides spiritual protection from psychic attacks and negative energy.

☽ ☾ L A P I S L A Z U L I ☽ ☾
Balances the Third Eye Chakra. It is a stone for knowledge and intellectual ability.

☽ ☾ T U R Q U O I S E ☽ ☾
Balances the Throat Chakra. Helps aid in communication and provides protection.

☽ ☾ A V E N T U R I N E ☽ ☾
Balances the Heart Chakra. Anti-Stress and Anti-Anxiety, known for good luck.

☽ ☾ C I T R I N E ☽ ☾
Balances the Solar Plexus Chakra. Brings abundance , success, and good luck.

☽ ☾ C A R N E L I A N ☽ ☾
Balances the Sacral Chakra. Helps with creativity and courage.

☽ ☾ G A R N E T ☽ ☾
Balances the Root Chakra. Grounding stone that provides protection from evil and nightmares.

This is a made to order item, please allow 2 weeks for processing. If you need your item sooner, please contact me to make arrangements.

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