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Crystal Point Necklace


24" Silver Ball chain with a crystal point of your choice!

Some crystal properties include:

☽ ☾ A V E N T U R I N E ☽ ☾
Green Aventurine is anti-stress and anti-anxiety. It is known as the opportunity stone and can bring good luck, prosperity, and wealth. It can bring optimism and confidence. Enhances creativity and balances the heart chakra.

☽ ☾ O P A L I T E ☽ ☾
Opalite is a man made stone that can be used during meditation to open the third eye chakra. It helps with depression and helps stabilize mood swings.

☽ ☾ R O S E Q U A R T Z ☽ ☾
Rose quartz is ultimately known as the stone of love. It is the stone of compassion as brings peace, tenderness and healing. It can attract new love and relationships, or strengthen current bonds with family and friends. It stimulates imagination and creativity, and is a great sleep crystal to promote good dreams and peaceful rest.

☽ ☾ C L E A R Q U A R T Z ☽ ☾
Clear quartz is a wild card stone! You can meditate to manifest energy into it to aid you in whatever you need. It is a universal healing stone and is one of the most popular stones worldwide. It can amplify, hold, transfer, and transform energy in it's molecular structure. You can use it during massage, healing, meditation, crystal grids, or simply wearing it or keeping it in your pocket. It can amplify energy of other stones which makes it a great stone for grids and wands.

☽ ☾ A M E T H Y S T ☽ ☾
Amethyst is known as a psychic protection stone that can help with protection from psychic attacks and negative energy during mediation. It brings calm, balance, patience and peace. You can use it to increase intuition as it balances your crown chakra and is used to open one you up to telepathy, past life regression, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and communication with angels. Amethyst is also known as a sobriety stone and can help with personal loss and grief.

For more crystal information send me a message!

✩ ✩ Disclosure✩ ✩
I do not claim to cure any conditions, nor do I promise that the crystals will do what is given in the description. As I have studied the healing qualities of crystals, they are a passion of mine and I believe in their energies, and all information provided is taken from classes, books, and websites to help give you an idea on how spiritually they can work for you! Please look at the pictures and read the description to make sure this necklace resonates with you ☮ For more information, please message me and I can answer any other questions you may have ♥

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