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Element Oil - Earth -Air - Fire - Water

Earth, Air, Fire, Water - which element calls to you as you work on this magickal journey? Whichever element it is, these oils are just the thing you need to anoint your candles or tools, or simply to wear as a perfume. These ritual oils are hand crafted right here at Mystic Soul and are created with the intention of each element. Our spiritual practice is based in part on the four elements. When we perform rituals and establish sacred spaces for ceremonies, we invoke them. Our relationship with spiritual forces and our surroundings is symbolized by calling upon the elements. The interaction of the elements creates life, harmony, and individual energies. 

Earth is grounded, reliable, resilient, and persistent even in the midst of adversity. This grounding oil is a mixture of ingredients to make you feel more connected to Earth. The magical ingredients include Patchouli, which connects to the root chakra and is beneficial for grounding. Cypress & Cedarwood which are both sturdy, strong, and resilient. Sandalwood is protective and grounding, and also enhances meditation. Magnolia is harmonious, devoting, and balancing. Pine is used for its properties of longevity and protection.

Air communicates and engages with the social and emotional dimensions to express itself. It is in line with intelligence, quick-thinking, honesty, and reasoning. This Airy oil holds its powers from its magickal ingredients including Lavender which calms and purifies. Lily is used for its innate innocence and cleansing abilities and opens the third eye. Neroli is peaceful and attunes to the Divine Feminine. Ylang ylang enhances the mind making it ideal for reaching higher states of meditation and awakens one's intuition.

Fire is a symbol of vitality, passion, ambition, and inventiveness. It produces transformation and is energetic, passionate, radiant, and unexpected. This fiery oil has a mixture that gives you a boost of energy while you purify and clear what needs to be let go. Ingredients are where its magic is found. Fire oil has ginger which harnesses passion, love, and healing. Cinnamon elevates spiritual energies, boosts vitality, encourages confidence, and ignites sex drive and desire. Orange brings positivity into your life and enhances love, success, and abundance. Cardamom brings passion and sexuality, while also boosting happiness and pleasure. Carnation is a flower representing passion, love, sensuality and is also a powerful flower for protection. Champaca is another flower that brings love and passion, while also boosting energy and confidence.

Water demonstrates compassion, protection, intuition, and empathy. It is linked to insight, contemplation, and a sense of feeling. This watery blend is curated with magickal ingredients that hold its powers. Palmarosa is used to heal the emotional body and brings love. Jasmine holds peaceful properties and brings happiness. Sweet pea provides spiritual strength, compassion, beauty, and blissfulness. Lotus symbolizes rebirth, strength, and resilience. Bergamot helps with stress, anxiety, sadness and brings durability to the emotional body.

One (1) Elemental Ritual Oil of your choosing, as previously described, is included in this offering. Yours will come carefully packaged and prepared for delight. Each oil is in a 2 ounce dropper bottle with coconut oil as the carrier.

Under California law (Proposition 65), we are required to inform you that because this item contains an agricultural product(s), it may also expose you to certain chemicals – natural or otherwise occurring, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

Sale price$39.00
Element Oil - Earth -Air - Fire - Water
Element Oil - Earth -Air - Fire - Water Sale price$39.00