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Empath Crystal Survivor Set

$60.00 $70.00

This set is a collection of my favorite stones that are perfect for empaths and energy workers! Included in this set is:

  • A pyrite cluster
  • Raw Aquamarine
  • Tumbled Lepidolite (A grade)
  • Labradorite Palm Stone full of flash!

Pyrite is a great energy shield. Place it on your heart when you are feeling anxiety and it will help block off energy thrown your way. Labradorite is a great protection stone and also increases your intuition. It works wonderfully for cord pulling which is essential for energy workers. Lepidolite and aquamarine are both used for emotional balance and stress or anxiety. The raw aquamarine is helpful to break up energy blockages and lepidolite is perfect for carrying with you when you are traveling and can’t hold your larger pieces.

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