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Magick Chime Candles


This listing is for 5 chime candles in any color. Write in the notes which colors you'd like otherwise we will send you a mix of what we have intuitively. Chime candles are 4" long.

Candle Correspondences:

White - Universal, Wild Card, Use for anything, Spirituality, Purity, Cleansing

Black - Protection, Banishing, Power, Releasing, Ending

Brown - Grounding, Earth, Protection, Stability, Wisdom

Red - Protection, Passion, Love, Lust, Sex

Orange - Energy, Creativity, Motivation, Vitality, Confidence, Joy

Yellow - Enlightenment, truth, Happiness, Balance, Mind, Intelligence, Abundance

Green - Money, Prosperity, Abundance, Fertility, Good Luck

Blue - Intuition, Health, Healing, Creativity, Spirituality, Patience, Friendship

Purple - Intuition, Spirituality, Psychic Power, Third Eye, Divinity

Lavender - Unconscious Wisdom, Higher Self, Intuition, Divinity, Purification, Peace

Pink - Friendship, Love, Fertility, Divine Feminine, Joy, Affection, Self Love 

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