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Ostara Magical Creation Ritual Workshop


Channel the spring energy of the Wheel of the Year where we will be making magickal perfume and incense to use to energetically cleanse and bring in new fresh spring energy to enhance our spiritual practice.

The perfume will be made in a roller ball bottle with essential oils and we will teach you how to intuitively use your senses to make the blend that's right for you.

Your essential oil perfume blend will be a combination of bright and energizing scents, including citrus, peppermint, and floral notes, to evoke the essence of springtime. This blend can be used to anoint yourself or your sacred tools, and will help to infuse your ritual with the fresh and vibrant energy of the season.

Your incense blend can include a mix of herbs, like lavender, chamomile, and rose, which have been chosen for their calming and balancing properties. This incense blend can be burned during your ritual to help create a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere, while also helping to purify the space and connect you with the energies of Ostara.

Incense blends will be made with dried herbs and resins and the perfume blend will be added to it. We will show you the different ways to use these items in your spiritual practice and have fun burning our herbal blends!

Lessons will be given on Ostara and the beginning of spring with the energy of the Goddess. Oils, herbs and all materials will be provided with correspondences for each material we will use. 

This is a fun creation workshop that requires an open mind and an open heart! 

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