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Article: Vesuvianite



Metaphysical Properties and Spiritual Healing Powers

Metaphysical Properties and Spiritual Healing Powers

Vesuvianite derives its name from Mount Vesuvius in Italy, where it was first discovered in 1795. It is also known as idocrase, and typically forms in metamorphic environments and can come in colors or green, brown, yellow, and rarely blue or purple. Californite is a variety of Vesuvianite which is also known as California jade, and it is found in California. Cyprine is a blue variety found in South Africa and Sweden. Fluorvesuvianite is a white variety which is found in Russia.

Location: Italy, USA, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria & Mexico

Chakras: Heart

Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Deities: Eros

Zodiac: Sagittarius, Capricorn

Celebrations: None specifically

Placement: In a necklace over the heart chakra. On a nightstand to bring passion to the bedroom. In a crystal grid to boost pleasure.

  • Stimulates compassion and empathy

  • Intensifies lust & passion

  • Enhances physical pleasure in relationships

  • Promotes emotional balance and harmony

  • Encourages self-acceptance

  • Enhances spiritual growth and intuition

  • Boosts confidence in one's own pleasure

  • Releases limiting beliefs around self worth

  • Fosters a sense of safety

  • Strengthens the connection with the heart chakra

  • Helps one follow their heart's desires

  • Aligns willpower to your desires

  • Encourages one to align to desires of their higher self

  • Helps one reconnect to their inner magic

How to Use Vesuvianite:

Altar Decor: Place vesuvianite on your altar to symbolize emotional healing, balance, and empowerment. Surround it with other crystals, candles, herbs, and symbolic objects to create a sacred space for manifestation and spellwork.
Spell Pouches: Create a spell pouch or mojo bag containing vesuvianite and other herbs or crystals aligned with your intention, such as rose petals for love or chamomile for peace. Carry the pouch with you or place it in a specific location to attract the desired energies.
Meditation Focus: Hold vesuvianite in your hands during meditation to deepen your connection with your emotions, intuition, and inner wisdom. Visualize its energy enveloping you in a cocoon of healing light, releasing negativity and promoting emotional balance.
Emotional Healing Spell: Write down any emotional wounds or negative patterns you wish to release on a piece of paper. Place vesuvianite on top of the paper and visualize the stone absorbing and transmuting the negativity into positive energy. Burn the paper as a symbolic act of release.
Heart Chakra Activation: Incorporate vesuvianite into rituals or spells focused on opening and balancing the heart chakra. Hold the stone over your heart center while visualizing it radiating green or pink light, inviting in love, compassion, and healing.
Dream Work: Place vesuvianite under your pillow or on your bedside table to enhance dream recall and promote healing dreams. Before sleep, hold the stone and set the intention to receive guidance, clarity, or emotional healing through your dreams.
Manifestation Rituals: Use vesuvianite in manifestation rituals to amplify your intentions for emotional healing, transformation, or personal growth. Charge the stone with your desires and visualize them coming to fruition as you work your spell.

How to Use Vesuvianite in a Spell or Ritual:

Moon Bath Ritual: On the night of the full moon, place your vesuvianite in a sacred bowl filled with purified water under the moonlight. Visualize the moon's energy infusing the water and the crystal with potent healing vibrations. Use this moon-charged water to cleanse your aura or sacred space, invoking the power of emotional healing and transformation.

Anointing Oil Infusion: Create a potent anointing oil by placing a piece of vesuvianite in a jar filled with carrier oil (such as almond or jojoba oil) and adding a few drops of essential oils like rose, lavender, or ylang-ylang. Allow the crystal to infuse the oil with its healing energy for several days, then use the oil to anoint candles, ritual tools, or yourself before spellwork to enhance connection to one's higher self.

Crystal Grid Activation: Create a sacred crystal grid using vesuvianite and other crystals aligned with passion, such as carnelian, ruby, and red jasper. Arrange the crystals in a geometric pattern on your altar or sacred space, focusing your intention on the center of the grid. Use a wand or your finger to trace the energy flow between the crystals, activating the grid and amplifying its healing vibrations.

Empowerment Spell: Craft a spell to empower yourself with your hearts desires using vesuvianite as a focal point. Write your intention on a piece of parchment paper, then place the paper on your altar with the vesuvianite on top. Surround the crystal with candles, herbs, and other symbolic items representing desire. Light the candles and visualize yourself embodying the qualities you wish to cultivate, drawing upon the energy of vesuvianite to support your intentions.

Heart Chakra Ritual: Dedicate a ritual to opening and balancing your heart chakra using vesuvianite as a heart-centered ally. Sit in a quiet space with your vesuvianite held over your heart, and visualize a glowing green light emanating from the crystal and filling your entire chest cavity. Breathe deeply and allow any emotional blockages or wounds to dissolve in the healing light, releasing them with each exhale. When you feel centered and balanced, express gratitude to vesuvianite for its support in your emotional healing journey.

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