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Full Moon Mini Ritual
Full Moon Mini Ritual Sale price$5.00
Intuitive Bracelet Workshop
New Moon Magical Mini Ritual
Astrology Birth Chart Workshop: Navigating Your Cosmic Blueprint
Crystal Basics 101
Crystal Basics 101 Sale price$22.00
Pendulum Workshop
Pendulum Workshop Sale price$22.00
Crystal Grid Workshop
Crystal Grid Workshop Sale price$33.00
Mystic Soul Spiritual Faire
Dream Catcher Workshop
Dream Catcher Workshop Sale price$55.00
Mystical Potions Mastery WorkshopMystical Potions Mastery Workshop
Wire Wrapping Workshop (Level 1)Wire Wrapping Workshop (Level 1)
Ostara Mini Rituals
Ostara Mini Rituals Sale price$5.00
Love Boost Ritual
Love Boost Ritual Sale price$5.00
Intuition Amplification Ritual
Abundance Prosperity Ritual
Reading with Dee
Reading with Dee Sale priceFrom $22.00
Crystals For the Home
Crystals For the Home Sale price$20.00
The Art of Charm Casting Workshop
Spell Crafting Workshop
Spell Crafting Workshop Sale price$22.00
Imbolc Mini Rituals
Imbolc Mini Rituals Sale price$5.00
Samhain Mini Rituals
Samhain Mini Rituals Sale price$5.00
Mabon Mini Rituals
Mabon Mini Rituals Sale price$5.00
Crystal Healing Consultation
Crystal Healing Consultation Sale priceFrom $40.00
Intro to Human Design
Intro to Human Design Sale price$33.00
Ascension Magickal Wand Making Workshop
Mabon Besom Making Workshop
Lammas Lughnasadh Magical Creation Ritual Workshop
Litha Summer Solstice Magical Creation Ritual Workshop
Candle Scrying Magick
Candle Scrying Magick Sale price$22.00