Pendulum Workshop
Pendulum Workshop

Pendulum Workshop

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Are you interested in expanding your spiritual awareness by using a new divination tool? Then this pendulum workshop is made just for you! In this class, you will be creating your own pendulum to create the ultimate spiritual bond that resonates with your highest self. Jenna, who has been using pendulums for divination for years, will be showing you all the different ways you can use it! Pendulums are fantastic divination tools that can help you make personal decisions in every day life and are very useful in helping others. 

This workshop includes:

  • A personal instruction on how to work with a pendulum as an energetic tool
  • How to choose materials to create your pendulum
  • Guidance on how to determine the answers pendulums provide
  • How to use a pendulum to find energy blockages
  • Using charts and diagrams with your pendulum
  • Crystal points, beads, chain, charms & tools will all be provided

Bring with you a smile and a positive attitude!