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Wire Wrapping Workshop (Level 1)

Greetings, crystal-loving tribe! Are you ready to take your gemstone game to the next level? I'm talking about wire wrapping! It's the perfect way to create unique, personalized, and stunningly beautiful crystal jewelry that's tailored specifically to your vibe.

In this exclusive and fun workshop, we'll teach you all the tricks of the trade. We'll show you how to work with wire, choose the right stones, and create gorgeous designs that will make all your friends go "ooh" and "ahh."

You will walk away with the skill to:
  • Understand wire gauges & what the sizes are used for.
  • Master the wire wrapping tools & know what each piece can do!
  • Create a beaded chain for necklaces or bracelets
  • Form basic wire wrapped cages & bails with ease
  • Create a coil by hand

The best part is, all materials are included! 

The goodies you will receive are:

  • 3 different wire bundles with your choice of finishes
  • Crystal beads of your choice to create the beaded chain
  • An amethyst point to create a cage
  • A drilled crystal point to create a bail
  • A small crystal cabochon or raw crystal to create a coil wrap

See the image on this listing to get an idea of what we will be working on!

But that's not all - as energy healers, we know that the magic is in the details. That's why we'll be sharing our tips and tricks for infusing your jewelry with your own positive energy and intention. You'll learn how to cleanse, charge, and program your crystals, so they're working in harmony with your own unique energy.

And the best part? You'll be doing all of this in a fun and relaxed environment, surrounded by like-minded crystal enthusiasts who are just as excited as you are to create something truly special. We'll provide all the materials you need, including wire, pliers, and a selection of stunning crystals to choose from.

Have your own piece you want to wrap? You can absolutely bring it with you!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now to secure your spot and get ready to unleash your inner jewelry-making goddess! Let's get wired and create some magic together!

Please register in advanced to make sure we have enough materials for everyone and reserve your space. The class price increases by $5 at the door. 

Sale price$60.00
Wire Wrapping Workshop (Level 1)
Wire Wrapping Workshop (Level 1) Sale price$60.00