5 Essential Oils for Imbolc

Imbolc is one of the four main festivals of the Celtic Wheel of the Year and is a time to honor the coming of Spring. It is also known as Imbolg, Candlemas, and Oimelc. People come together to celebrate the growing light and the rebirth of the Earth. It is a time to reflect on the transition from Winter to Spring, and to recognize the signs of the changing seasons. Imbolc is celebrated in many different cultures, including Celtic and Pagan traditions. Traditional Imbolc rituals include lighting candles, honoring the Goddess Brigid, and setting up a Brigid’s cross. Now a days, people can make nature collages, paint with natural materials, create a story about Imbolc, or write a poem.


At Mystic Soul, we enjoy making oil and herb blends to anoint candles and tools, and create special incense. Here is a list of oils you can use to make a magickal seasonal blend:


Cedar: Cedar is thought to be the Tree of Life, as it's Latin name is arbor vitae which translates to 'tree of life'. Cedar brings a sense of balance to the material world and spiritual world. It heightens your intuition and keeps you grounded in reality. The strong wood makes this oil a great tool for protection. Even though this oil is very grounding, it has fire energy which makes it ideal for burning during Pagan Fire Festivals.


Angelica: Angelica banishes negative energy and attracts the positive. It is thought to bring protection and blessings to the home and brings good luck. Its Latin name, Angelica archangelica, comes from a story that Archangel Micheal appeared to a monk and guided him to this magical herb to heal sick ones from the plague. Angelica has heavy fire energy and corresponds with the sun, making it ideal for the coming of Spring.


Basil: Basil brings happiness and love which parallels perfectly with the coming of Spring. It helps one connect to spirit guides and opens your intuition.  It is known for its ability to protect your space from negative energy. Basil is used often for wealth and good luck so it's helpful to bring in the abundance during Imbolc.


Chamomile: Chamomile is another flower that works well for Imbolc. Even though it's ruled by the sun, it's actually connected to water making it ideal for stress, anxiety, and heavy emotions. It can be used for creativity and determination so it's great for abundance and setting goals.


Cinnamon: Cinnamon is another fiery spice that correlates with the Sun. It brings prosperity, good luck, and abundance. Adding cinnamon to your blends can make them warm and spicy, so be careful if you're planning on using the oil blend on the skin. It cleanses and protects, brings in love and passion, and speeds up the energy to make it work faster!

Using essential oils for Imbolc is a wonderful way to honor the changing of the seasons and to bring a special energy to your Imbolc celebrations. Essential oils can help you to connect with the spirit of Imbolc and to connect with the Earth and the divine.