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Article: Crystals for Connecting with Spirit Guides

Crystals for Connecting with Spirit Guides

Crystals for Connecting with Spirit Guides

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their powerful healing and spiritual properties. They can help us connect with our spirit guides, those non-physical beings who provide us with guidance and support. If you're looking to deepen your connection with your spirit guides, consider incorporating these five crystals into your spiritual practice:


Sapphire: Known as the seeker of spiritual truth, Sapphire helps one stay on their spiritual journey. It is beneficial for deepening meditation, enhancing shamanic journey, and astral travel. It helps enhance communication with Spirit Guides while opening the third eye chakra.

Blue Topaz Tumbled Stone for Spirit Guide Connection

Blue Topaz: This stone helps light up your spiritual path and highlights your goals. It removes the fear of the unknown and supports manifestations. It cleanses the aura and opens the third eye chakra. It deepens meditation and helps one attune to their higher self. Blue topaz attunes to angel energy and helps one stay on their spiritual journey while receiving information from spirit guides.

tanzanite for spirit guide connection

Tanzanite: A high vibrational stone that aids in altered states of consciousness, Tanzanite can have a important impact on your meditative state. It helps raise your vibration, connects to spirit guides, aligns to the angelic realm, and downloads information from the Akashic Records. It can help one receive information from higher dimensions.

Ruby zoisite for spirit guide connection

Ruby Ziosite: This combination of green zoisite and pink ruby is also known as Anyolite. This combo helps facilitate spiritual growth and raises your consciousness. If one wishes to awaken their spirituality, this is a great stone to grab to get the process rolling. Ziosite connects with the spiritual realm and ruby is great for connection with spirit guides.

Lapis lazuli to connect with spirit guides

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis opens the third eye chakra and enhances enlightenment, dream work, and psychic abilities. It can help boost spiritual journeys and guides one towards spiritual attainment. This stone helps contact spirit guides and harmonizes the spiritual body.

Kyanite for connecting with spirit guides and angels

Blue Kyanite: This crystal is excellent for attuning to the spiritual realm and enhancing meditative states. It can boost psychic abilities by amplifying one's intuition. It connects one to their spirit guides and clears the energetic body of negative energy. Kyanite helps raise your vibration by letting in light from the spiritual realm into your physical body. It connects your mind to the highest frequencies.

Herkimer diamonds for connection to spirit guides

Herkimer Diamonds: Herkimer diamonds boost one's psychic abilities including clairvoyance, visions, telepathy, and receiving information from higher dimensions. It helps one align to higher vibrations and is useful for past life recall. It's a great transformational stone that helps guide one on their spiritual path.

Celestite for spirit guide connection

Celestite: This high vibrational stone is thought to be the teacher of the New Age movement. It's Divine energy aligns to spiritual connection and opens one up to receive information from Angelic Realms. It can help guide one on their spiritual path and leads one towards enlightenment.

Incorporating these crystals into your spiritual practice can help you connect with your spirit guides and receive their guidance and support. Whether you carry them with you, place them on your altar, or use them during meditation, allow their energy to guide you on your spiritual journey.

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