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Article: Bringing Your Spiritual Life Into Your Garden

Bringing Your Spiritual Life Into Your Garden

Bringing Your Spiritual Life Into Your Garden

On Friday the 13th we hosted our first "Magikal Roundtable" at Gypsy Soul Dreaming. My goal was create a free class offering information on how to use magick and spiritual tools into your every day life.

There are so many different tools people want to use and the biggest question I get on a daily basis starts with "what do I do?" So let me tell you!  

Cleaning up your backyard and watering your plants is something most of us do on a regular basis not even thinking that this could be implemented into a spiritual practice but hey, why not?! 

I consider myself a moon girl, I love doing my spells according to the moon phase, I find cycles in everything, and I have moon print on way too many pairs of pants! So naturally I thought how much it makes complete sense to do my gardening according to moon phases.

 New moon:

During the new moon, the lunar gravity affects the pull of water in the Earth. It feeds the roots causing seeds to swell. Moonlight is increasing which creates a balance for growth. Therefore, this is the best time to plant seeds that grow above ground which carry their seeds on the outside.

Lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries

1st Quarter Moon:

At this time, the gradual increase in moonlight helps with growing leaves and seeds. This is the ideal time to plant seeds that grow above ground and have seeds on the inside. Also a great time to mow the lawn if you are trying to encourage new growth.

Peppers, beans, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, watermelon

Full Moon:

The moonlight is the strongest and groundwater is at it's highest. Not a great time to plant, but once the moonlight starts subsiding, plants will focus on root development and seed germination. They draw water from the higher groundwater. As the moon starts to wane, plant root vegetables. Also a good time to fertilize & harvest. Veggies are at their peak nutritional value!

Potatoes, onions, carrots, beets

Last Quarter Moon:

Ground water starts to recede, roots start to dig deeper. Plant bushes and trees at this time. You can maintain, cultivate, use pest control, and do construction. Make sure you weed and prune!  This time is good for mowing the lawn to slow your lawn growth.

Common Herbs and their Magickal properties:

 Basil: Helps with fatigue, anxiety & insomnia
Lemon Balm: Helps with melancholy, fatigue, & stress. Use in a tea or a bath.
Thyme: Provides protection when worn. Brings positive energy to your garden.
Rosemary: Plant by the entrance of your garden to keep out thieves. Keep in a pillow sachet to remove nightmares.
Chamomile: Removes curses
Anise: Protection, purification, & youth.
Fennel: Hang over your door to protect your home from fires.
Juniper: Purifying cleanser & protector against dangerous forces.
Lavender: Peace, love & happiness
Honeysuckle: Wealth & spirit
Dandelion: Divination
Clover: Wealth & Success


Extra Ways to Bring Spirituality to Your Garden:

♡ Place your indoor plants in a window during Full Moons

♡ Water your plants with full moon water

♡ Place clear quartz in soil to amplify energy

♡ Draw sigils on pots for growth and protection

♡ Sing to your garden

♡ Fertilize your plants with egg shells for protection

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