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Article: Feeling Stuck? Spiritual Tips for Success & Motivation

Feeling Stuck? Spiritual Tips for Success & Motivation

Feeling Stuck? Spiritual Tips for Success & Motivation

Are you having trouble getting yourself motivated? You want to get back to the grind, but you're just feeling like blah. 

Change can be something we desire, we strive for more and we want to succeed in order to get where we want to go. Working with your stones in your every day practice can be extremely beneficial to get you out of this funk!

Manifestation is key to success - imagine yourself achieving your goals.

So you can picture it in your mind, you know where you want to go. How do you get there?


You all probably have heard us preach at Gypsy Soul about the importance of meditation. Even if you take 3 minutes every morning or evening before bed, it's better than no meditation at all!  Start small, clear your mind and take deep breaths. Deep belly breathing is super important. If you think you have this meditation thing down, do a visualization of you succeeding in whatever aspect you want to work on and ask your spirit guides for guidance. If you are a beginner, find a guided meditation on YouTube. I personally have tried this one and I recommend it. 

Make a Crystal Grid

Using crystals to make a grid is a fantastic way to manifest what you need!  I would recommend using sacred geometry like the Flower of Life or Seed of Life for doing work on yourself as your base. The crystals you would use would correlate to what you're working on. Using any of the stones I recommend below would work just fine, or use others that call to you!

Want to learn more about crystal grids? Join my next crystal grid workshop by clicking here!



Citrine is the stone of manifestation!  It is extremely helpful in any kind of manifestation work. It is a "must have" in the Gypsy Soul crystal arsenal for all of your abundance needs. On top of being the ultimate manifestation stone, it is also helpful for abundance, prosperity, success, generosity, new beginnings, and stamina.


When you're feeling like you're drained of energy, carnelian is the friend you can lean on. Your Sacral Chakra is where your motivation, stimulation, energy and drive derive from and carnelian not only balances that chakra center, but has the same qualities the Sacral Chakra has so it's a win-win!  Carnelian helps boost your creativity and even helps with your sex drive!


Probably not the first stone you'd think of because it's more of a stress reliever, but when you're stressed you're not in the right mindset. Howlite calms stress and anger and provides a calm communication with loved ones. The awesome part of howlite is that it helps you reach your goals!  Calm mind equals straight thinking, am I right? And, as a bonus, it's a helpful protection stone as well!


This is a stone with some really beneficial properties. Aragonite helps with personal growth and transformation (like tapping into your highest self!). It can also help you release fears and improves your ability to solve your problems by looking at multiple options instead of that one way street we tend to drive down. 


Of course there are many more stones that can help you, but these were our top 4 picks. Interested in learning more about how to use crystals? Click here and sign up for our Crystal Basics 101 Class!

Make a Roller Ball Essential Oil Blend

So many people are on board with essential oils and their healing properties and so are we! Making your own blend with a carrier oil like Coconut or Avocado oil is a great way to wear your motivational blend everywhere you go. Some ideas for oils for motivation are:

If you're interested in these in therapeutic grade essential oils, you can see these listed on our Doterra page.

In our workshop, Intuitive Herbology, you're able to use herbs to create teas, dream pillows, incense, bath blends and more!

All these tools help set your mind right to help you remember your goals and assist in working with any blockages you have towards success! Minimize your negative thought patterns and keep working to get in tune. Practice your mantras, practice your meditations. Use your tools in order to move forward!  Once you're on a roll, no one can stop you!

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