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Mother Goddesses to Work with on Mother's Day

Written by: Elise Cardwell


Mother's Day is a perfect occasion to connect with the divine feminine through various mother goddesses known across different cultures. These goddesses, representing aspects of nurture, protection, fertility, and creation, offer beautiful insights and blessings. Below, we explore each goddess, their origins, stories, and why they are celebrated as mother figures, along with specific rituals and correspondences to help you celebrate this special day!

Demeter - Greek Mother Goddess of Harvest

Pantheon:  Greek
Story:  Demeter is celebrated as the mother goddess of the harvest, deeply revered for her power over grain and the fertility of the Earth. She is best known for her relentless search for her daughter, Persephone, which led to the creation of the seasons. 

Crystal:  Green Aventurine (for growth and renewal)
Herb:  Wheat (symbolizes abundance and fertility)
Candle Color:  Green (for prosperity and earth connection)
Ritual:  Create a small altar with green aventurine and wheat. Light a green candle and offer a simple prayer or chant for personal growth and renewal. Reflect on the nurturing aspects of your own life and how you can foster them.

Demeter Mother Goddess

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Isis - Egyptian Goddess of Magic and Motherhood

Pantheon:  Egyptian
Story:  Isis is known for her magical skills and dedication as a mother. She reconstructed her husband Osiris's body and conceived their son, Horus, posthumously. Isis represents the devoted mother figure, protector, and healer. 

Crystal:  Lapis Lazuli (for wisdom and truth)
Herb:  Rose (for love and devotion)
Candle Color:  Blue (for healing and magic)
Ritual:  Arrange lapis lazuli and rose petals around a blue candle. Invoke Isis with a prayer for protection and maternal wisdom as you light the candle.

Isis Mother Goddess

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Kali - Hindu Goddess of Time and Destruction

Pantheon:  Hindu
Story:  Kali, often depicted fearsomely, symbolizes the protective mother fiercely defending her children against harm. Her stories emphasize her role in destroying evil to protect the universe and maintain cosmic balance. Crystal:  Black Obsidian (for protection and grounding)
Herb:  Hibiscus (symbolizing passion and transformation)
Candle Color:  Red (for strength and courage)
Ritual:  Place black obsidian and hibiscus flowers near a red candle. Meditate on the transformative power of motherly love and ask for Kali's protection in your life.

Kali Mother Goddess

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Gaia - Primordial Goddess of the Earth

Pantheon:  Greek
Story:  Gaia, or Mother Earth, is the personification of the Earth itself. As the ultimate mother, she gave birth to the sky, mountains, and sea. She is worshiped as the nurturing figure of all creation. 

Crystal:  Moss Agate (for earth connection)
Herb:  Sage (for cleansing and healing)
Candle Color:  Brown (for grounding and stability)
Ritual:  Set up a small garden space or a collection of earthy elements like rocks and plants. Place moss agate and sage around a brown candle to honor Gaia and seek her grounding energy.

Gaia Mother Goddess

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Asherah - Mother Goddess of the Canaanites

Pantheon:  Canaanite
Story:  Asherah, known as the "Queen of Heaven," was considered a mother goddess in ancient Semitic religion. She is often associated with fertility, motherhood, and the sea. 

Crystal:  Moonstone (for intuition and fertility) & Amethyst
Herb:  Olive (for peace and fertility) & Sandalwood
Candle Color:  Silver (for reflection and femininity)
Ritual:  Create a peaceful corner with moonstone and olive branches around a silver candle. Light the candle to invoke Asherah's blessings for fertility and familial harmony.

Asherah Mother Goddess

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Danu - Irish Mother Goddess

Pantheon:  Irish
Story:  Danu is considered the mother of the Irish gods, the Tuatha Dé Danann, "People of the Goddess Danu." She symbolizes the earth, fertility, and wisdom. 

Crystal:  Amethyst (for wisdom and clarity)
Herb:  Heather (for protection and rain-making)
Candle Color:  Purple (for spirituality and insight)
Ritual:  Place amethyst and heather near a purple candle to connect with Danu's nurturing yet wise nature.

Dang Mother Goddess

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Freya - Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Fertility

Pantheon:  Norse
Story:  Freya, a prominent figure in Norse mythology, presides over love, beauty, fertility, and fine material possessions. She is a fierce warrior and leader of the Valkyries.

Crystal:  Tiger's Eye (for courage and protection)
Herb:  Catnip (associated with Freya’s chariot drawn by cats, for love and beauty)
Candle Color:  Gold (for prosperity and beauty)
Ritual:  Surround a gold candle with tiger's eye and catnip. Light it to invoke Freya’s strength in love and life’s battles.

Freya Mother Goddess

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are mother goddesses?

Mother goddesses are deities representing motherhood, fertility, creation, or the nurturing of life. They are often depicted as powerful protectors and providers for their people and are revered across various cultures and religions.

Why celebrate Mother's Day with mother goddesses?

Celebrating Mother's Day with mother goddesses can be a way to connect with the universal aspects of motherhood and nurture, acknowledging not only biological motherhood but also the broader nurturing forces in the world.

How do I choose a mother goddess to work with?

You might choose a goddess based on personal cultural heritage, the qualities or stories of the goddess that resonate with you, or the specific areas of your life where you seek guidance and support.

What items do I need to perform these rituals?

Each ritual typically requires a crystal, an herb, and a candle of a specific color associated with the goddess. These items help to connect with the goddess's energy and embody her qualities during the ritual.

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