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Article: Spirit Guides 101

Spirit Guides 101

Spirit Guides 101

Spirit guides are mystical companions who remain by your side, even when you think you are all alone. They committed to guiding you on your journey before you took your first breath here on Earth, and will remain by your side until you are back on the other side. These enlightened beings have gone through the cycle of birth and death on the physical plane and now act as mentors and counselors, guiding and instructing individuals on how to elevate their vibrational energy. While residing in a distinct plane of reality from your own, these spirit guides are just as real as you and I. 

Angels and spirit guides appearing to you

Your dreams and instincts serve as a conduit for your angels and guides to lead you along your path. Often, that little voice in your head (your inner knowing) is them. They might also communicate with you by using signs and symbols. For me, feathers appeared everywhere when my Dad passed away. My Aunt was finding dimes which she connected to my Dad. I also will hear specific songs, numbers, and other synchronicities as reminders of messages. It serves as a prompt for me to pay attention to the advice of my own spirit guides. The feathers are thought to represent angel energy as angels leave their feathers behind.

Spirit guides come to dreams and leave feathers

I have met one of my guides named Artemis, I also know of three more - one being an Angel, one who guides me when I'm being creative, and another who presents himself as a Native Medicine Man. They individually guide me on my path during different times and situations in my life.

Artemis spirit guide and deities

Some say that your angels can even grow with you. When I was young, I saw a child-like angel sitting on the foot of my bead. She had blonde curls and a big white dress, she was sitting so effortlessly on the iron footboard and I blinked and she disappeared. As a child I was tickled to know that I had an angel who followed me around and she appeared to be the same age as me! Later in life, my stepmom had described her guardian angel to me and she described this young angel I saw sitting on the foot of my bed. Was it my angel or my stepmom's watching over me? I don't know for sure, but both options are possible. A similar situation happened between my father and I. As I discovered that one of my guides presented himself as a Native American Healer, the message I received was 'talk to your dad about it'. So naturally, I reached out to my Dad. He said that he has the same guide!  It is possible for people who are in your soul circle to share guides as you are all connected. 

Angel child spirit guide

Depending on a person's life path and goals, they may have fewer or more guides. An artist or a Doctor, for instance, might work with several mentors to help them with both the academic or creative facets of their life and work. Your own life's journey has had a significant impact on the guides you have along with you.

Some people believe that they have loved ones that pass away as guides. In my experience, I have never confirmed that to be the case. Loved ones can absolutely come and support you when you call on them, and they may visit and send messages to you, but this is not the same as a guide. Working with loved ones who have passed is considered ancestor work and is very helpful and popular in the spiritual world. Many cultures call upon their loved ones in times of need.

Ancestor work

Not all people have angels as guides. However, just because angels are there does not necessarily mean they are your spirit guides. Just like you can call on ancestors, you can also call on angels. It is possible, if you have an archangel or angel as a guide, your life's purpose is more challenging or maybe complicated. Usually people with these more difficult life paths will have an angel as a guide.

Your spirit guides are always present, whether you are aware of them or not. They are an integral part of your life journey and cannot be summoned or dismissed. To have more active engagement with your spirit guides, you can ask to learn about them. Meditation is a great way to connect and learn more. If you are unable to identify them right away, do not be discouraged! Messages are usually very subtle, people often think they are going to have an obvious aha moment but most times that's not the case. Guided meditations are extremely helpful and YouTube has a bunch of great ones that I have personally tried. Pay attention to what you see and feel, when you come to, write what you experience in your journal in case something resonates later. Be open minded and set an intention to be receptive. If you ask someone to reveal their identity, watch for any recurring themes. If you are struggling to identify them, you can seek assistance from a trained psychic or intuitive.

Meditation to seek spirit guides

If you are interested in spiritual growth, working with your guides is extremely beneficial. Spirit guides are not affected by the happenings in the world and can offer wise guidance and counsel. They operate on a higher vibrational plane, seeing the little details of your life irrelevant to your growth. So if you seek advice from your spirit guide, they will direct you to focus on the lessons you're learning, the lessons you still need to learn, the lessons you're teaching your friends and family, and the true purpose behind your connections. It won't matter if your partner or doesn't clean up after themselves. Your spirit guides will provide you with guidance to improve your understanding. If physical healing is something you are interested in getting assistance with, simply ask for healing to come to you as you sleep before going to bed or during meditation. Be open to receive the energy your guides have to offer as they only have the best intentions for you.

spirit guides on a different dimension

Have faith and stay true to your beliefs. Take a moment to detach from the physical world and raise your vibration, allowing the delightful gifts of the spirit to surround you. There is so much more to life than what meets the eye. By opening your spiritual eyes and hearts, you'll discover a world filled with knowledge, beauty, and tranquility. It's entirely up to you whether or not to believe, as you always have the option. However, why not step into a different realm of existence and embrace the magic? You can keep this experience within your heart, without having to share it with others. By doing so, you'll be immersed in a loving and understanding glow, and you'll transform into a more empathetic and connected human being.

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