Witchy Rituals to do with Siblings

Hey there, fellow energy healers! Siblings are the best, aren't they? They're the ones who have been there with us through thick and thin, and they can be the source of some serious magic! This Siblings Day, why not take your sibling relationship to the next level by incorporating some witchy rituals into your bond? Here are five fun and witchy rituals you can do together:

Moon Magic: Nothing beats the power of moon magic, and what better way to bond with your sibling than under the glow of the full moon? Set up an altar, light some candles, and cast a circle. Use this time to set intentions, perform spells, or just enjoy each other's company under the moon's magical light.

Moon Magic

Tarot Readings: Want to gain insight into each other's lives? Tarot readings can be a great way to connect with them and gain some much-needed clarity. Take turns reading each other's cards and interpreting their meanings. Use this time to reflect on your past, present, and future and gain a deeper understanding of yourselves and each other.

Tarot Readings

Spellcraft: Two witches are better than one! Work together to create a spell that aligns with both of your intentions. Gather the necessary materials, cast a circle, and perform the spell together. With double the magic, you're sure to manifest some serious change in your lives.


Herb Magic: Herbs have been used in magic for centuries and can be a great way to connect with nature and each other. Plant an herb garden together, or gather herbs from the wild. Taking a nature walk and gathering local herbs and flowers and then looking up their uses is a great way to bond and learn! Use them to create teas, sachets, or incense, and enjoy the healing properties and magic of the plants.

Herb Magic

Kitchen Witchery: Who says witchcraft can't be delicious? Whip up a dish with your sibling that infuses intention and magic. Choose a recipe that speaks to you, and use herbs, spices, and other ingredients to create a dish that aligns with your desires and intentions. In our family, we like to share recipes passed down from our family line. We have so many people who enjoy cooking so its fun to try our Great Aunt Judy's Lefse recipe she got from Great Grandma Elsie. You'll not only bond over a tasty meal, but you'll also be bringing some magic into your lives.

Kitchen Witch

Celebrate your sibling bond in a fun and witchy way this Siblings Day! Whether you choose to practice moon magic, tarot, spellcraft, herb magic, or kitchen witchery, the most important thing is to connect with each other and embrace the magic that surrounds us. Happy Siblings Day, witches!