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Abundance Prosperity Money Spell Ritual Kit

Open yourself up to receiving abundance from the universe!! This ritual kit includes: 

  • Orange fabric for a pouch
  • Gold Ribbon
  • Raw Citrine 
  • A Green Candle
  • Peppermint
  • Alfalfa Leaf
  • Abundance Oil
  • Sun Charm

Manifesting and casting is all about your intention and the energy you put into it. 

Our prosperity ritual kit can help you manifest abundance, including financial wealth, opportunities, success, and overall well-being. The ritual's focus on aligning your energy and intentions can attract positive outcomes, improved circumstances, and a mindset that welcomes prosperity into your life.

Remember that while rituals can be a powerful tool, they work in conjunction with your actions and efforts to create meaningful change. You can not change ones free will but you can shift energy around you. Using positive energy to manifest being open to receiving money is the best way to use this kit.

Ways to use this spell kit:

  1. Abundance Alignment: Use the kit to align your energy with the frequency of abundance, allowing you to attract positive opportunities and experiences into your life.

  2. Gratitude and Manifestation: Use the kit to help you focus on gratitude. Yyou can amplify your manifesting power and draw in more of what you're thankful for.

  3. Clearing Blockages: Use this kit to releasing energy blockages that might be preventing the flow of prosperity in your life. 

  4. Connection to Higher Self: Use this kit to help you connect with your higher self and gain insights into your life's purpose, leading to more aligned and prosperous actions.

  5. Energetic Shift: Use this kit to create a shift in your energetic vibration, allowing you to transcend limiting beliefs about money and abundance, and inviting positive change.

Other things we recommend adding with this kit:

• Spray your space with Rich Bitch Spray to cleanse and prepare your space with rich energies before you start your ritual. 
• Burn Cinnamon Sticks while using this kit to protection your spell while attracting money.

• Place your finished mojo bag/sachet on top of our Gold Hundred Dollar bills to better visualize tthe money you’re attracting into your life. 

To learn more about money spells, herbs, crystals, goddess, rituals and more… visit our Mystic Grimoire!

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Sale price$28.00
Abundance Prosperity Money Spell Ritual Kit
Abundance Prosperity Money Spell Ritual Kit Sale price$28.00