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Agrimony for Protection

The name "agrimony" is derived from the Greek word "argemone," which means "healing to the eyes." This is because the herb was traditionally used to treat eye problems. In ancient Greece, agrimony was also used to treat snake bites and as a general antidote to poison.

In medieval Europe, agrimony was believed to have magical properties and was used to ward off evil spirits. It was also used as a love potion and was thought to promote fidelity in relationships. The herb was often used in spells and charms, and it was believed that carrying agrimony would protect against negative energy and curses.

Our Agrimony comes in a sealable 3"x4" bag with a weight of 8.5 grams (0.3oz) and was packaged with gloves. We recommend doing a skin test to make sure you are not allergic if you plan on using Agrimony topically.

How to use Agrimony:

Spiritual Use: Banishes negative energy and protects against evil spirits, goblins, and poison (Cunningham).  Helpful for dream work, enchantment, energy, gratitude, and harmony. Can be used for breaking hexes, especially is one is ill as a result of a psychic attack. Agrimony sends the energy back to the hexer. Sprinkle around the thresholds to act as a protection barrier. 

Healing: Use in baths for cleansing your health to counteract a hex or curse

Latin Name: Agrimonia Gryposepala 

God/Goddess: Mithras 

Element: Air 

Planet: Jupiter, Mercury 

Chakra: Throat

Zodiac: Cancer

How to Use Agrimony in a Spell:

For a ritual bath to break a psychic attack, fill your tub with water with the temperature to your liking. Cleanse your space with your favorite cleansing technique, open a circle and call on your guardians. If you want to light candles, use some for protection and you can add agrimony to the candles if you'd like. Add about 1/2 cup Himalayan salt to your bath, along with about a tablespoon of agrimony. Sit in the bath and brush your body off like you are wiping away the energy that is attached to you. If you wish to say an incantation, you can say "With gratitude and love in my heart, I release all negative energy that may depart, So be it, and so mote it be, Negative energy, be gone from me." Drain the tub but don't leave yet! watch all water drain from the tub down the drain. Do not leave the bath until all water has been drained (You can use a drain strainer to make sure the herbs don't do down the drain) You can now close your circle and release your guardians. This pairs nicely with our Hex Removing Bath, Cord Cutting Spell, Commanding Oil, and Black Tourmaline.

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Herbs can be used to make sachets, incense mixtures, bath teas and more! Make sure you do your research before using any herb to make sure they are safe for the purpose you intend. We are not responsible for what you do with your herbs once they are in your hands.

All our herbs are organic and have been cleansed energetically. 

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Agrimony for Protection
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