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Apatite A Grade Rough Stones for Psychic Activation

If you're into exploring your psychic abilities and diving into past life work, you're going to love rough blue apatite!

This magical crystal is known for its third eye qualities, making it an amazing tool for accessing your psychic abilities. By holding it in your hand or placing it on your third eye chakra during meditation, you can enhance your intuition and gain deeper insight into your spiritual path.

Blue apatite is also great for cleansing the aura and assisting with astral travel and lucid dreaming. If you're interested in exploring the astral realm or having more vivid dreams, this is the perfect crystal to work with!

And when it comes to past life work, blue apatite is a total game-changer. Its connection to the Akashic Records allows you to access information about your past lives and understand any karma or imbalances that may be affecting your current life. By holding the crystal during meditation or while doing past life regression, you can gain a deeper understanding of your soul's journey and heal any unresolved issues from the past.

This listing is for one (1) piece of rough blue apatite that will be intuitively chosen for you.

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Ancient Use of Blue Apatite:

Dating back to ancient Egypt, this crystal was believed to be a stone of the gods and was often used in jewelry and amulets. It was highly prized for its beauty and believed to have powerful healing properties. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans valued blue apatite for its many benefits.

In folklore, blue apatite was considered a stone of manifestation, capable of bringing your dreams and desires into reality. It was also seen as a protective talisman against negative energies and evil spirits.

Throughout history, many healers have recognized the potent healing properties of blue apatite. It was often used to alleviate a wide range of physical and emotional ailments, including arthritis, fatigue, and depression. By harnessing its energy, healers were able to help their patients achieve greater physical and emotional balance.

How to Use Blue Apatite:

This magical crystal is a powerful tool for enhancing your psychic abilities and intuition. By holding it in your hand or placing it on your third eye chakra during meditation, you can strengthen your connection to your inner guidance and access deeper levels of insight.

If you're feeling creatively blocked, blue apatite can help to unleash your creative potential. Simply hold the crystal in your hand or place it on your sacral chakra, which is the center of creativity and sensuality.

And when it comes to communication, blue apatite is a total game-changer. If you have an important conversation coming up, carry the crystal with you or place it on your throat chakra to promote clear and effective communication. Its raw energy is known to break up energy blockages, so if you're struggling with a blocked throat chakra, this stone will help!

Blue apatite is also associated with manifestation and can help you to achieve your goals. Hold the crystal in your hand while visualizing your desired outcome or place it on your solar plexus chakra, which is the center of personal power and manifestation.

How to Use Blue Apatite in a Ritual or Spell:

Here is a fun and easy ritual that you can use to activate your psychic abilities using the powerful energy of blue apatite.

To get started, find a quiet and peaceful space where you can be alone and undisturbed. Gather your blue apatite crystal and any other tools that you like to use for meditation, such as candles or incense.

Begin by sitting comfortably and taking a few deep breaths to center yourself. Hold your blue apatite crystal in your dominant hand and focus your attention on its energy. Feel its cool weight and notice its color and texture. Allow yourself to fully connect with the crystal's energy and feel it pulsating in your hand.

Now, place the crystal on your third eye chakra, which is located between your eyebrows. Close your eyes and visualize a bright blue light filling your entire body. Allow this light to cleanse and purify your energy field, releasing any blockages or negativity.

As you continue to visualize the blue light, focus your attention on your third eye chakra. Imagine a beautiful indigo flower opening up and expanding, allowing you to tap into your psychic abilities and intuition. Allow yourself to fully embrace this energy and feel yourself becoming more and more in tune with your inner guidance.

When you feel ready, take a few deep breaths and gently remove the crystal from your third eye chakra. Hold it in your hand and take a moment to reflect on the experience. Notice any insights or messages that you may have received during the meditation.

You can repeat this ritual as often as you like to continue activating your psychic abilities and deepening your connection to the energy of blue apatite. Have fun with it and trust in the process!

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Apatite A Grade Rough Stones for Psychic Activation
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