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Calendula for Protection

Calendula, also known as 'pot marigold', is a plant in the daisy family (Asteraceae). These plants are native to parts of Europe, western Asia, and the Mediterranean region, but they are widely used as ornamental plants in gardens and as medicinal plants. Not to be mistaken for Marigolds, Calendula look like orange daisies and have different spiritual properties.

Calendula is associated with the sun, warmth, and joy. It is believed to bring positive energy, good luck, and protection against negativity. Calendula is also associated with love and fertility and is sometimes used in love spells or to enhance romantic relationships.

Some people also believe that calendula can help with spiritual and emotional healing. It is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and can be used to alleviate anxiety, depression, and other emotional issues. Additionally, calendula can help with divination and enhance psychic abilities.

Our Calendula comes in a sealable 3"x4" bag with a weight of 10 grams (0.35 oz ) and was packaged with gloves. We recommend doing a skin test to make sure you are not allergic if you plan on using Calendula topically.

Ancient use of Calendula:

In ancient Rome, calendula was used as a cooking herb and as a dye for fabrics and foods. The flowers were also used in medicine to treat a variety of ailments, including digestive issues, skin conditions, and menstrual disorders. I

n ancient Greece, calendula was used in religious ceremonies and was dedicated to the sun god, Apollo. The flowers were also used in medicine for their anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. During the Middle Ages, calendula was used in Europe as a cooking herb, a dye for fabrics, and a medicine for digestive issues, skin conditions, and wounds. During World War I, calendula was used as a topical treatment for wounds and injuries.

How to use Calendula:

Calendula can be used in love spells or rituals to attract love and enhance romantic relationships. The flowers can be placed in a charm bag or used to make a love potion. It can be 

used in purification rituals to cleanse negative energy from a space or a person. The flowers can be burned as incense or placed in a bath to cleanse and purify the body and mind. Use it in divination rituals to enhance psychic abilities and intuition. The flowers can be placed on an altar or carried as a talisman to aid in divination and spiritual exploration. Calendula can be used in rituals for abundance and prosperity. The flowers can be placed in a prosperity altar or charm bag, or used in a money-drawing spell. Hang Calendula on your door to keep out negative energy. Calendula can be beneficial in legal matters, use in a court case spell.

Chakra: Sacral

Planet: Sun 

Element: Fire

Zodiac: Leo

Deities: Mother Mary, Apollo, Ra

How to use Calendula in a spell or ritual:

Here is a recipe for making a mojo bag with calendula for positivity:


  • Small cloth or leather pouch
  • Dried calendula flowers
  • Small piece of citrine crystal
  • Piece of paper and pen


Begin by finding a small cloth or leather pouch that you can use to create your mojo bag.

Take a piece of paper and write down your intention for the mojo bag. For example, "This mojo bag is to attract positivity into my life."

Fold the paper and place it into the pouch.

Add a small handful of dried calendula flowers to the pouch. Calendula is believed to have properties of warmth, joy, and positivity.

Add a small piece of citrine crystal to the pouch. Citrine is believed to enhance positivity, confidence, and creativity.

Close the pouch and hold it in your hands. Focus your intention on your desired outcome and visualize the energy of the calendula and citrine filling the pouch.

Carry the mojo bag with you or place it in a specific location where you would like to attract positivity.

Herbs can be used to make sachets, incense mixtures, bath teas and more! Make sure you do your research before using any herb to make sure they are safe for the purpose you intend. We are not responsible for what you do with your herbs once they are in your hands.

All our herbs are organic and have been cleansed energetically. 

If you like this content and you want more recipes, information, rituals, and ideas, join us at Mystic Charm School! 


Under California law (Proposition 65), we are required to inform you that because this item contains an agricultural product(s), it may also expose you to certain chemicals – natural or otherwise occurring, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

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Calendula for Protection
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