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Carnelian Hearts

This vibrant gem embodies a powerful blend of energy, motivation, stimulation, creativity, drive, and sensuality. It serves as a catalyst to ignite the fiery energy of your sacral chakra, propelling you forward on your journey.

Carry these pocket-sized Carnelian stones with you for an invigorating morning boost. Feel the surge of vitality and motivation as they infuse you with their energetic properties, encouraging you to seize the day and embrace new opportunities.

These versatile stones also excel as gridding companions, especially when working with creativity and motivation. Use them to construct powerful grids that inspire and enhance your artistic endeavors or ignite your inner drive towards achieving your goals.

Each order includes one small heart-shaped Carnelian stone, measuring approximately 1" to 1.5" in size. These hearts symbolize love and passion, reflecting the transformative energy of Carnelian within a beautifully crafted form.

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Carnelian Hearts
Carnelian Hearts Sale price$33.00