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Clarity Candle Kief

Introducing our special blend of herbs designed to enhance mental clarity and focus during magickal workings. Our Clarity Candle Kief is the perfect tool to incorporate into your candle magick practice. Simply dress your candles with this herb-infused oil to promote clear thinking, sharpen your intuition, and enhance your ability to manifest your intentions. Do not smoke or ingest!

Crafted with a combination of carefully selected herbs known for their powerful properties, including cedar, lavender, heather, Passion flower and sunflower, our Clarity Herbal Blend is ideal for use in spells related to mental clarity, decision making, and goal setting. The natural aroma of these herbs, coupled with their potent energy, creates a harmonious and focused environment for your magickal workings.

Our Clarity Herbal Blend is made with organic, high-quality herbs, and it comes in a glass bottle for easy use. Whether you're a seasoned witch or new to candle magick, this blend will help you bring greater clarity and focus to your spells and rituals.

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Clarity Candle Kief
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