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Pyrite Cluster Energy Shield

Pyrite is renowned for its ability to create an energy shield around the body. It draws up Earth energy through the physical body, preventing negative energy from entering the aura. This powerful gemstone can block emotional attacks, physical harm, and electromagnetic pollutants.

In ancient times, polished slabs of Pyrite were used for scrying, acting like a mirror to reflect negative energy away while enhancing intuitive flow. This stone is also known as 'fool's gold' and is believed to bring abundance and prosperity. Use Pyrite to support you in job interviews or when striving for a promotion. It can anchor the aura into the body, making it ideal for optimizing the function of the spiritual body in this physical world.

Pyrite can also help relieve anxiety and depression while enhancing focus, personal empowerment, and creativity. It brings positive energy and can help you overcome feelings of sadness or negativity. Use it to take action, feel confident, work on manifestation, and get things done.

Keeping Pyrite in your workspace can boost your intellectual alertness, while using visualization techniques with this gemstone can stimulate blood flow. Pyrite is also helpful for the sexual organs, especially in men, and can assist in breaking bad habits and adopting healthy patterns in an optimistic way. It is also beneficial for the skin, blood, and tissue.

Each Pyrite cluster is approximately 1 1/2" in size. This listing is for one (1) stone. Harness the protective and prosperous energy of Pyrite to create an energetic shield and bring positive energy into your life.

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