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Danburite Rough Pieces for Spiritual Evolution


These rough danburite pieces have a very soft pink hue and lots of rainbows 🌈 to bring in all of that beautiful rainbow light! Each piece is intuitively selected just for you!

Danburite is useful for connecting with angels, channeling guides, astral travel, and relieving stressors. It is a crown chakra stone and connects with chakras above the head (Transpersonal and Etheric). It gently uplifts your spiritual awareness to help raise your vibrational frequency. The higher chakra connection to this stones helps you move into the angelic realm during meditation. It also balances the heart chakra and is a wonderful tool for soothing the heart and relieving stress and worries. Holding one piece in each hand can have a calming effect that signals the heart that everything is ok. 

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