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Eucalyptus for Purification

Eucalyptus is a powerful and versatile plant that is loved by many for its refreshing and invigorating scent. As energy healers, we often turn to eucalyptus to help clear stagnant energy and promote emotional balance.

Eucalyptus is native to Australia and has a long history of use in traditional medicine. The leaves of the eucalyptus tree are rich in essential oils, which are believed to have a range of healing properties. Eucalyptus has been used to support respiratory health, ease pain and inflammation, and improve mental clarity.

When it comes to energy healing, eucalyptus is a great tool for clearing and uplifting energy. Its invigorating scent can help to dispel negative or stagnant energy, making it a great addition to any space clearing or energy cleansing ritual. In addition, eucalyptus can help to promote mental clarity and focus, making it a great tool for meditation or concentration.

Eucalyptus is also associated with the element of air, making it a great tool for working with the breath. You can use eucalyptus in a variety of ways to support your breathing, such as adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a diffuser or inhaling the steam from a pot of eucalyptus-infused water.

Our Eucalyptus comes in a sealable bag with a weight of 27 grams (0.96 oz), and was packaged with gloves. We recommend doing a skin test to make sure you are not allergic if you plan on using Eucalyptus topically.

Ancient Use of Eucalyptus:

According to some legends, eucalyptus trees are said to house the spirits of the dead. The trees are believed to provide a gateway to the afterlife and are often seen as a symbol of renewal and transformation. In some cultures, eucalyptus leaves are placed in the bathwater or burned as incense to promote spiritual cleansing and purification.

Indigenous Australians have used eucalyptus for thousands of years to treat a range of ailments, including respiratory infections, fevers, and body pains. They would crush the leaves and inhale the vapors or apply them topically as a poultice. The leaves were used in smoking ceremonies to ward off evil spirits and negative energy.

In the 19th century, eucalyptus was introduced to Europe and the Americas as a natural remedy for respiratory illnesses such as tuberculosis and pneumonia. Its antibacterial properties and ability to loosen mucus made it a popular treatment for respiratory infections. During World War I, eucalyptus oil was used as a disinfectant and antiseptic for wounds and surgical equipment.

In folklore, eucalyptus is often associated with purification and healing. It is believed to have protective qualities and can be used to ward off negative energy and spirits. In some cultures, eucalyptus leaves are placed under pillows to promote restful sleep and ward off nightmares. Eucalyptus is also associated with mental clarity and focus. It has been used in aromatherapy to improve concentration and boost energy.

How to use Eucalyptus:

Burning eucalyptus leaves or essential oil during a ritual can help purify the space and banish negative energy. You can use eucalyptus in a smudging ceremony or simply light a candle scented with eucalyptus oil.

Adding eucalyptus to a bath or foot soak can help cleanse and purify the body. It can also promote relaxation and clear the mind.

Eucalyptus can be used in meditation or energy work to promote mental clarity and focus. You can inhale the scent of eucalyptus or hold a piece of eucalyptus while meditating.

Using eucalyptus in spells and rituals can promote healing and protection. You can create a healing sachet with eucalyptus leaves and other herbs or carry a piece of eucalyptus in your pocket for protection.

Adding eucalyptus to your dream pillow or placing it under your pillow can promote restful sleep and ward off nightmares.

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Zodiac: Virgo

Planet: Moon

Element: Air

DeitiesApollo, Artemis, Hecate

How to Use Eucalyptus in a Spell or Ritual:

Eucalyptus Energy Clearing Ritual


  • Eucalyptus leaves or essential oil
  • A smudging tool (such as a smudge stick or incense)
  • A lighter or matches
  • A small dish of salt
  • A white candle
  • A piece of paper and a pen


Begin by setting up your space. Light the white candle and place it in front of you. Sprinkle the salt in a small circle around the candle to create a sacred space.

Take a moment to ground and center yourself. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths, focusing on the rise and fall of your chest with each inhale and exhale.

Hold the eucalyptus leaves or oil in your hand and set your intention for the ritual. This can be anything from releasing negative energy to inviting in new opportunities or positive energy.

Light your smudging tool with the lighter or matches, and let it burn for a few seconds before blowing it out so that it smokes.

Begin smudging yourself, starting at your feet and working your way up to the crown of your head. As you do so, visualize the smoke clearing away any negative energy or blockages in your aura or chakras.

Next, smudge the space around you, moving in a clockwise direction. Again, visualize the smoke clearing away any negative energy or blockages in the space.

Take a piece of paper and a pen, and write down any negative energy or thoughts that you wish to release. Once you have written them down, hold the paper over the candle flame until it burns away completely.

Finally, take a few drops of eucalyptus oil and rub it onto your temples, the back of your neck, and the soles of your feet. As you do so, visualize the refreshing energy of the eucalyptus entering your body and filling you with positivity and clarity.

Thank the eucalyptus and any deities or spirits you may have called upon for their assistance in the ritual. Snuff out the candle and discard any ashes from the burnt paper outside.

This ritual can be performed as often as you need to clear away negative energy and bring in positive energy and clarity.

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Herbs can be used to make sachets, incense mixtures, bath teas and more! Make sure you do your research before using any herb to make sure they are safe for the purpose you intend. We are not responsible for what you do with your herbs once they are in your hands.

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Eucalyptus for Purification
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