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Fire Quartz (Red Hematoid) Tumbled Cubes

Fire Quartz is a beautiful and powerful gemstone that brings clarity and balance to any environment. It has the unique ability to combine energies from the fire and water elements, creating a powerful impact on any situation. Fire Quartz is known to bring about emotional stability and healing for old wounds, as well as removing negativity and transforming it into a positive and pure universal light of love. It is also believed to boost self-confidence and self-worth, while calming anxieties and panic. Fire Quartz is a wonderful gemstone to use during meditation, as it helps to ground scattered behavior and improve focus and concentration. Bring the power of Fire Quartz into your life and experience its transformative effects!

One tumbled fire quartz will be chosen for you intuitively.

Sale price$3.00
Fire Quartz (Red Hematoid) Tumbled Cubes
Fire Quartz (Red Hematoid) Tumbled Cubes Sale price$3.00