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Golden Altar Bowl

This versatile piece is a true gem that adapts to all your mystical needs. Its magical allure will surely captivate your senses, making it an essential companion on your spiritual journey.

Crafted with care, this Altar Bowl features intricate magical symbols such as a captivating crystal ball, mesmerizing stars, enchanting moons, radiant candles, and more! Each symbol adds a touch of mysticism and charm, infusing your sacred space with powerful energies.

Made from durable brass-plated stainless steel, this Altar Bowl is designed to withstand the test of time. Its 3 5/8" diameter and 1 1/8" height provide ample space to hold your precious crystals, sacred herbs, or other mystical items.

Get creative and make this Altar Bowl your go-to incense holder by filling it with sand and letting the aromatic smoke swirl around your sacred space, filling it with positive vibrations.

Please note that this exquisite Altar Bowl is not meant for use with water to preserve its pristine beauty and ensure its longevity.

Let this Altar Bowl become the heart of your ritual space, an object of wonder and magic that enhances your spiritual practices and fills your soul with wonder. Embrace the power of symbolism and elevate your rituals to new heights with this magical Altar Bowl by your side!

How to use the Altar Bowl:

Offerings: Use the altar bowl to hold offerings for deities, spirits, or ancestors during rituals or ceremonies. Offerings can include flowers, herbs, food, or other symbolic items.

Cleansing: Fill the bowl with cleansing herbs like sage or rosemary to purify and cleanse your ritual tools, crystals, or sacred space.

Incense Holder: Place sand or salt in the bowl and use it as a holder for burning incense sticks, cones, or resins. The sand or salt helps to disperse the heat and prevent damage to the bowl.

Charging Crystals: Use the altar bowl to charge your crystals under the light of the moon or sun. Place the crystals in the bowl to absorb the energy of the celestial bodies.

Anointing: Mix essential oils or herbs with carrier oils in the bowl and use it to anoint candles, yourself, or other objects during rituals or spellwork.

Mixing Herbs: Use the bowl to mix and blend different herbs and ingredients for spellwork, potions, or ritual baths.

Symbolism and Decoration: Place symbolic items or decorative elements in the bowl to enhance the energy and aesthetics of your altar or sacred space.

Releasing: Write down things you wish to release or let go of on small pieces of paper and burn them in the bowl as a symbolic act of releasing them from your life.

Intention Bowl: Place items in the bowl to make a mini altar for money, love, success, or any intention you like!

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