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Hawthorn Berries for Protection

Hawthorn berries, cherished in the realm of a new age witch, hail from the hawthorn tree, a revered member of the Crataegus genus. These enchanting berries grow on small deciduous trees or shrubs, primarily found in the temperate regions of Europe, North America, and Asia. The hawthorn tree's folklore is rich, often associated with magic, protection, and divinity.

The berries themselves are alluring, adorning the hawthorn tree in clusters, like tiny jewels glistening amidst the leaves. Their color ranges from vibrant red to deep crimson, embodying the essence of life force and the heart's emotions. At times, the berries display a hint of orange or yellow, making them even more captivating to the eye and capturing the attention of the fae.

Our hawthorn berries come in a sealable bag with a weight of 49 grams (1.75 oz), and was packaged with gloves. We recommend doing a skin test to make sure you are not allergic if you plan on using hawthorn berries topically.

Ancient Use of Hawthorn Berries:

In ancient times, hawthorn berries were revered for their medicinal properties. They were used in traditional herbal medicine to support cardiovascular health and promote overall well-being. Ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans, recognized the therapeutic benefits of hawthorn berries and incorporated them into various remedies.

Hawthorn trees were considered sacred and believed to possess protective qualities. Planting a hawthorn tree near homes was thought to ward off evil spirits and negative energies. The Maypole, a traditional symbol of spring and fertility, was often made from a hawthorn tree and used in celebrations to protect the community.

Hawthorn trees were associated with the realm of the fae and considered to be a gateway between the human world and the fairy world. It was believed that disturbing or cutting down a hawthorn tree could bring misfortune or anger the faeries, leading to bad luck.

In some European traditions, hawthorn berries were linked to love and fertility. The blossoms were used in wedding ceremonies, and the berries were placed in love charms and spells to attract romantic relationships.

Hawthorn trees were often found growing near ancient burial sites and considered to be guardians of the spirit world. They symbolized the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, with their flowers representing spring and their berries representing the harvest and the approach of winter.

The hawthorn's association with May Day and Beltane celebrations played a significant role in various customs. People would gather hawthorn flowers and berries to decorate maypoles and festive altars, celebrating the return of spring and the vitality of nature.

How to use Hawthorn Berries:

Hawthorn berries are strongly associated with protective energies. They create a shield of spiritual protection, guarding against negative influences, malevolent spirits, and harmful energies. Placing hawthorn berries in or around your home can provide a protective barrier.

Connected to matters of the heart, hawthorn berries are often used in spells and rituals related to love, romance, and relationships. They enhance feelings of love and compassion, attract new love, and strengthen existing bonds.

Hawthorn berries are considered purifying agents in witchcraft. They are used to cleanse and clear spaces, tools, and energies of any negativity or stagnant energy. Burning hawthorn berries as incense or using them in smudging rituals can promote spiritual purification.

Enhancing intuition, hawthorn berries can boost psychic abilities. They help open the third eye and facilitate a deeper connection to the spiritual realm, making them valuable in divination practices and psychic work.

Hawthorn berries are linked to the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. They symbolize transformation and change, making them ideal for rituals focused on personal growth, letting go of the past, and embracing new beginnings.

They are believed to aid in meditation and dream work, helping to access higher realms and connect with spiritual guides. Hawthorn berries are considered sacred allies for seeking spiritual guidance and wisdom.

In some magical practices, hawthorn berries are associated with luck and prosperity. They may be used in spells and charms to attract good fortune, success, and abundance.

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac: Taurus

Planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Deities: Flora, Greenman, Triple Goddess

How to Use Hawthorn Berries in a Spell or Ritual:

Blossoming Heart Ritual: Embracing Love and Protection with Hawthorn Berries

Intention: This ritual harnesses the magical properties of hawthorn berries to invoke love, protection, and spiritual transformation. As you perform this ritual, visualize your heart blossoming like the hawthorn tree, embracing love, and radiating protection.

Materials Needed:

  • A small pouch or cloth
  • Fresh or dried hawthorn berries
  • A red or pink candle
  • A fireproof container
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A piece of paper and pen
  • A small crystal or charm symbolizing protection like black tourmaline


  1. Preparation: Find a quiet and sacred space where you won't be disturbed. Light the red or pink candle, symbolizing love and passion. Take a moment to center yourself, take a few deep breaths, and ground your energy.

  2. Charging the Hawthorn Berries: Hold the hawthorn berries in your hands and focus your intentions on the qualities you wish to invoke. Imagine a warm, protective energy surrounding the berries. Visualize the hawthorn tree's blossoms opening, symbolizing the blossoming of your own heart.

  3. Writing Your Intentions: Take the piece of paper and write down your intentions for the ritual. This could include calling in love, protection, healing, or any other desires you wish to manifest.

  4. Invocation: Speak aloud your intentions, addressing any specific deities or spirits you resonate with. For example, you can call upon the energies of Venus, the goddess of love, and the hawthorn tree as a guardian of the heart.

  5. Charging the Berries with Intentions: Place the hawthorn berries on the piece of paper with your written intentions. Feel the energies of your intentions infusing the berries with each word spoken.

  6. Creating the Charm: Gather the hawthorn berries and the paper with intentions, and carefully place them inside the pouch or cloth. If you have a small crystal or charm symbolizing protection, you can add it to the pouch as well.

  7. Blessing the Charm: Hold the pouch in both hands and close your eyes. Visualize the pouch glowing with radiant energy, sealing your intentions within. Feel the protection and love surrounding the charm.

  8. Activation: Hold the charm over the flame of the candle (not too close to avoid burning) and say: "As this flame ignites, so do my intentions take flight. With hawthorn's might, I embrace love and protection, Guided by the sacred tree's connection. Blossoming heart, open wide, Let the magic of this charm reside."

  9. Closing: Thank the energies and deities you invoked, expressing gratitude for their presence and assistance. Snuff out the candle safely.

  10. Carrying the Charm: Keep the hawthorn berry charm with you or place it on your altar as a potent reminder of your intentions. You can carry it with you as a protective amulet or use it during meditation and rituals focused on love and transformation.

Remember, your intention and connection with the hawthorn berries are the heart of this ritual. As you work with the energies of the hawthorn, allow yourself to be open to the magic and transformation that unfolds within your heart. Blessed be.

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Hawthorn Berries for Protection
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