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Intuition Candle Kief

Enhance your intuitive practice with our candle kief designed to enhance your intuitive abilities during magickal workings. Our Intuition Herbal Blend is the perfect tool to incorporate into your candle magick practice. Simply dress your candles with this herbal mix to help you tap into your inner guidance, increase your psychic awareness, and strengthen your connection to the spiritual realm. *Do not smoke or ingest*

Our Intuition Herbal Blend contains a carefully selected combination of herbs, including cornflower, buchu, rosemary, willow bark, and anise seed, known for their powerful properties to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. The natural aroma of these herbs, coupled with their potent energy, creates a harmonious and intuitive environment for your magickal workings.

Our Intuition Herbal Blend is made with organic, high-quality herbs and comes in a convenient glass bottle for easy use. Whether you're a seasoned witch or new to candle magick, this blend will help you develop your intuitive skills and enhance your spiritual practice.

Incorporate our Intuition Herbal Blend into your candle magick rituals, divination practices, and any other spiritual work to help you connect with your higher self and the divine. It's the perfect addition to any witch's toolkit.

How to use Intuition Candle Kief:

Anoint your candles with an intuitive oil blend like Open the Veil Ritual Oil and then sprinkle with Intuition candle kief, then light your candle with intention. Burn as incense during meditation, prayer, or other spiritual practices. The aroma of the herbs can help to clear your mind, focus your intention, and connect you with the energetic properties of the plant. Sprinkle the blend onto a charcoal disk in a fire proof bowl. Add to your bath water to create a relaxing and spiritually uplifting experience. The herbs can help to clear your energy, release tension, and promote inner peace. Place in a tea bag or use a strainer in your tub so you don't clog up the drain. Create a small pouch or charm bag filled with Intuition Candle Kief and carry it with you during the day or during a specific ritual. The herbs can help to keep your energy connected to your intuition. Use it to create a crystal grid during a spiritual ritual. The herbs can help to enhance the energetic properties of the crystals, and the grid can serve as a focal point for your intention and spiritual energy. Just sprinkle the herbs in a circle around the grid, or sprinkle them in the center. Some crystals that will work well are apophyllite, iolite, lapis lazuli, and rainbow fluorite. Or you can use our Intuition Crystal Kit.

 How to use Intuition Candle Kief in a spell or ritual:


  • Intuition Candle Keif
  • Intuition Oil Blend (Like Open the Veil Ritual Oil or Third Eye Chakra Oil)
  • Purple or white Chime Candle
  • Purple or White bag or piece of fabric with ribbon
  • Amethyst crystal (for spiritual awareness and psychic abilities)


  1. Begin by setting up a sacred space for your ritual. Clear your space, open a circle, call in your guardians and directions. You can burn incense and play calming music to create a peaceful atmosphere.

  2. Take a pinch of Intuition Candle Kief and crush it together in your hand. As you do this, visualize yourself opening up to your intuition and strengthening your psychic abilities.

  3. Anoint your candle with the oil of your choosing and sprinkle the herbs onto the candle. Light the candle with intention. Place more of the herb mixture in a small pouch or bag along with the amethyst crystal. You can also anoint the crystal with the oil blend for an extra boost.

  4. Hold the pouch in your hands and speak your intention aloud. You can say something like, "I call upon the power of these herbs and this crystal to enhance my intuition and psychic abilities. May my mind be clear, my senses be heightened, and my connection to the spiritual realm be strong."

  5. Hold the pouch to your forehead and visualize the energy of the herbs and crystal entering your third eye chakra. See it as a bright light that illuminates your intuition and spiritual awareness. Close your circle and release your guardians. 

  6. Place the pouch under your pillow before you go to sleep. As you drift off, visualize yourself having prophetic dreams and receiving messages from your intuition.

  7. When you wake up in the morning, hold the pouch in your hands again and thank the herbs and crystal for their energy and support. Carry the pouch with you throughout the day to continue to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities.

Note: Remember to always use caution when using herbs in spiritual practices, and to consult with a healthcare professional before using them for medicinal purposes. Additionally, it's important to remember that developing your intuition and psychic abilities takes time, practice, and patience.

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Intuition Candle Kief
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