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Lemurian Seed Laser Points

Lemurian seed crystals are a very special variety of clear quartz. They have a long, tapered shape and they have horizontal lines going across the body almost like a ladder. Most of these crystals contain a very clear interior, and others may have a pink tone that is caused by lithium or hematite like our pink variety.  

Lemuria is an ancient civilization that sunk beneath the Pacific Ocean similar to Atlantis. There are rumors of Hawaii and Polynesia being the top of the sunken land, and also rumors of it being connected to what is now Mount Shasta. The people had a higher consciousness that was very emotional and spiritual. It was very connected to the Divine and some may say it was connected to the Garden of Eden. 

These crystals are coded and programmed with Lemurian Consciousness. Working with these crystals during meditation can assist in aligning you with the vibration of the Lemurian. People have reported feeling their heart centers opening and sense of healing of the emotional body. Bond with these points to  connect deeply to your soul, increase sensuality, appreciate your life, connect with angelic realms, enter the cosmic dimension, boost your vibration, and expand your consciousness.

One Lemurian seed crystal point will be selected for you intuitively.

Sale price$5.00
Lemurian Seed Laser Points
Lemurian Seed Laser Points Sale price$5.00