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Open The Veil Ritual Oil

Open the Veil is the perfect addition to add to your ritual for Spirit Communication as it was designed to open the doors to other realms, the spiritual world, ancestral connection, and akashic wisdom. This oil pairs well with other tools and oils for intuition, ancestor work, and spirit connection to enhance your intention, but make no mistake this oil is great on its own!

This 1/2 oz glass bottle is a must-have for anyone looking to connect with their guardians and loved ones who have passed. We recommend conducting a skin test prior to wearing and using it externally only.

All Mystic Soul products are handcrafted daily in sunny Southern California, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. Sold as a curiosity, our Open the Veil Oil is the perfect addition to any enchanted collection. Order yours today and experience the magic for yourself!

What are the ingredients in Open the Veil Oil?

Coconut oil, mugwort, sage, dandelion, willow bark, honeysuckle, herkimer diamondsand a few other essential oils, herbs, and resins.

How to use Open the Veil Oil:

To tap into the full potential of Open the Veil Oil, there are a variety of ways to use it. For personal use, you can dab the oil on your body, in your hair, or add it to your bath to promote the download of spiritual wisdom. Anoint a crystal like scolecite, kambaba jasper, or Septarian before putting in your pocket or adding to a crystal grid. To enhance the energy of your ancestral altar, anoint the pictures and candles with Open the Veil Oil. You can also anoint your third eye, yoga mat or meditation pillow to aid in connection during your practice.  Anoint your journal before writing, or anoint your singing bowls before using. 

How to use Open the Veil Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

For a candle ritual, start by anointing a purple chime candle with a bit of Open the Veil Oil. Add some herbs to it like our Intuition Candle Kief or other spirit attracting herbs. Place the candle in a chime holder and put the holder in front of pictures of your ancestors or deities you are calling upon that are also anointed with this oil. This is great ritual to do on Full Moons or on Samhain when the Veil is the thinnest.  Always make sure to keep an eye on the candle and never leave it unattended! You can also pair this oil with our Ancestral Connection Kit and burn some Amber Incense to connect with Ancestors, or add to our Samhain Bath Soak.

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Open The Veil Ritual Oil
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