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Protection Candle Kief


Here is our Protection Candle Kief, a powerful combination of natural herbs carefully chosen and blended to help you ward off negative energies, hexes, and other unwanted influences.

Our Protection Candle Kief contains a potent mix of protective herbs such as clove, rosemary, mullein, rosemary, hyssop, juniper berries and st john's wort, all chosen for their renowned protective properties. *Not for smoking or ingesting*

To use our Protection Herbal Blend, simply sprinkle a small amount onto the top of a candle or mix it with oil to dress your candles for your magick spells. Light your candle and let the enchanting aroma fill your space while you focus your intentions on creating a protective shield around you.

Whether you're dealing with negative energy, psychic attacks, or just want to create a protective bubble around you and your loved ones, our Protection Herbal Blend is the perfect tool to help you manifest your intentions and feel more secure.

Our herbal blend is handcrafted with care and intention, using only the highest quality natural ingredients, and is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their protection magick. Order now and start creating a powerful protective shield around you!

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Protection Candle Kief
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