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Pyrite Midnight Tumbled Stone

Pyrite is a mineral that is also known as "fool's gold" due to its shiny yellow or brassy metallic luster that can often be mistaken for gold. It is composed of iron and sulfur and has a chemical formula of FeS2. Pyrite is commonly found in sedimentary rocks, hydrothermal veins, and metamorphic rocks.

Pyrite has been used for various purposes throughout history, including as a source of iron in the production of steel, as well as for decorative purposes due to its metallic luster. In addition, it is believed to have some spiritual and metaphysical properties, with some people using it for protection and to promote positive thinking.

This listing is for one (1) Midnight Pyrite Tumbled stone that will be intuitively chosen for you.

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Ancient Use of Midnight Pyrite:

Pyrite was highly valued by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It was used in jewelry, as a currency, and in religious and spiritual practices. The Incas of South America used pyrite for decorative purposes, as well as for making mirrors. Several Native American tribes used pyrite for medicinal and spiritual purposes. It was thought to have healing properties and was used to make amulets and talismans for protection.

Pyrite was used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat digestive issues and other ailments. The ancient Egyptians used pyrite in jewelry, as well as in religious and spiritual practices. Pyrite was often associated with the sun god Ra and was believed to have protective qualities. The Vikings used pyrite to create sparks for fire-making.

How to use Pyrite:

One of the simplest ways to use pyrite for its spiritual properties is to carry a piece with you. As you go about your day, hold the pyrite in your hand or keep it in your pocket as a reminder of your intention to attract abundance and enhance your confidence. Another way to use pyrite for its spiritual properties is to place it in your home or workspace. This can be done by placing a piece of pyrite on your desk or in a prominent location in your home. This can help create a positive and abundant energy in your surroundings. You can also use pyrite during meditation. Hold a piece of pyrite in your hand and focus your intention on the spiritual properties you wish to cultivate. Breathe deeply and allow the energy of the pyrite to help you connect with your higher self. Crystal grids are a powerful way to amplify the energy of crystals and create a specific intention. Use pyrite in a crystal grid with other stones that complement its energy, such as citrine, tiger's eye, or clear quartz.

How to use Pyrite in a spell or ritual:

 Empath Protection Spell:


  • A piece of pyrite
  • A white or black candle
  • A small bowl of salt water
  • A piece of paper and pen
  • A quiet, private space


Begin by casting a circle and calling in directions and guardians if that is a part of your practice. Light the candle and placing it in front of you. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to relax.

Hold the pyrite in your hands and close your eyes. Visualize a golden light emanating from the pyrite, surrounding and protecting you.

Speak the following words out loud: "Pyrite, stone of protection, Shield me from negative energy's reflection. As an empath, I feel it all, But with pyrite's help, I stand tall."

Place the pyrite on the piece of paper and write down any negative feelings or energy that you wish to release or protect yourself from. Be specific and write as many as you need.

Hold the paper with both hands and focus on the pyrite's protective energy. Speak the following words: "Pyrite, guard me from harm, Protect me with your powerful charm. Release this negativity from my soul, And make me feel whole."

Submerge the paper in the bowl of salt water and let it sit for a few minutes. As you do this, imagine the negativity being absorbed by the water, leaving you feeling lighter and more protected.

Once you feel ready, remove the paper from the water and allow it to dry. Take the pyrite and carry it with you as a reminder of the protection and strength it provides.

Finally, blow out the candle and thank the pyrite for its help. Close your circle and release the guardians.

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Pyrite Midnight Tumbled Stone
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