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Small Mushrooms

Our small crystal mushrooms come in a variety of styles and colors, ranging from clear quartz to amethyst, rose quartz, and more. Each mushroom features intricate detailing and is carefully crafted to bring out the natural beauty and energy of the crystal.

These crystal mushrooms are perfect for display on a desk, shelf, or nightstand, and can also be used in meditation and energy healing practices. They make a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone who loves crystals or nature-inspired decor.

One (1) crystal mushroom will be intuitively selected for you. 

Spiritual Use of Mushrooms:

Mushrooms have been used in spiritual and healing practices for centuries, and their meaning varies depending on the culture and context in which they are used. In many cultures, mushrooms are associated with the earth and nature, and are seen as a symbol of fertility, growth, and regeneration.

In some shamanic traditions, certain types of mushrooms, such as psilocybin mushrooms, are used for their hallucinogenic properties to induce altered states of consciousness, spiritual visions, and healing.

In traditional Chinese medicine, mushrooms are believed to have healing properties and are used to balance the body's energy and promote overall wellness.

In some Native American traditions, mushrooms are associated with the spirit world and are used in spiritual practices to connect with ancestors and spirit guides.

In some Western spiritual traditions, mushrooms are seen as a symbol of spiritual transformation and personal growth, as they can represent the process of breaking down old patterns and beliefs in order to create something new.

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Small Mushrooms
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