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Aquamarine Tumbled Stone for Clearing the Emotional Body

Aquamarine is known as mermaid treasure as it is the ultimate water stone. It cleanses the emotional body and clears up communication issues. It does this by enhancing the throat and heart chakras by enhancing energy flow. This piece would be helpful for fear of speaking, support for teachers, minimizing anger, releasing old attachments, releasing grief, enhances divine love and compassion, and assists moving through changes.

One (1) piece of aquamarine will be intuitively selected for you.

Ancient Use of Aquamarine:

Aquamarine has been prized for its beauty and allure for thousands of years. The stone's name originates from the Latin words "aqua marina," meaning "water of the sea," which perfectly captures its captivating blue-green hue reminiscent of the ocean. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans valued aquamarine and used it in jewelry, amulets, and ornamental objects.

Aquamarine is associated with the element of water, and many cultures consider it sacred. The stone has been blessed by the gods and associated with the sea, rain, and various water deities. 

In ancient times, aquamarine was often worn by sailors as a protective talisman. It calms the turbulent waters, safeguard ships from storms, and ensure safe travels. Sailors also believed that aquamarine possessed the power to prevent seasickness and promote clarity of mind, allowing them to navigate treacherous waters.

Aquamarine's folklore is rich with tales and legends passed down through generations. In Greek mythology, aquamarine is associated with the goddess Aphrodite and believed to bring love, harmony, and marital bliss. It is also connected to Poseidon, the god of the sea, symbolizing his tranquil and nurturing qualities.

How to Use Aquamarine:

Use aquamarine to connect with the element of water. Place a cleansed aquamarine near a bowl of water on your altar or during rituals to invite the energy of the element. Visualize the gentle flow of water, its cleansing and purifying properties, and its ability to bring emotional healing and intuition.

Carry a small aquamarine crystal with you as a protective amulet. You can keep it in your pocket, purse, or wear it as jewelry. Envision the aquamarine forming a shield of soothing energy around you, warding off negative influences and promoting a sense of safety and well-being.

Incorporate aquamarine into crystal grids for specific intentions. Create a grid with aquamarine as the centerpiece and surround it with other crystals that align with your desired outcome. For example, you can combine it with rose quartz for love and compassion, clear quartz for amplifying intentions, and amethyst for spiritual connection.

How to Use Aquamarine in a Spell or Ritual:

Use aquamarine in a spell or ritual focused on emotional healing. Hold the stone in your hand and envision any emotional wounds or burdens being washed away by the soothing energy of aquamarine. Speak affirmations or incantations that empower emotional healing and release, allowing the stone's energy to support your emotional well-being.

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Aquamarine Tumbled Stone for Clearing the Emotional Body
Aquamarine Tumbled Stone for Clearing the Emotional Body Sale price$4.00