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Worry Stone - Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Lepidolite or Black Tourmaline


Choose your crystal! Worry stones are pocket stones that have a little space for your thumb to rub when you get worried or need a bit of good vibes ✨ These pieces are about 1.5” long and perfect for grown ups and children 💙 

✨ Rose Quartz is the stone of love, peace, and compassion. It brings a calming energy to your heart chakra and aligns to the vibrations of universal love. Great for healing relationships and working on loving yourself.

✨Black tourmaline is the stone of protection. It protects on a Spiritual, emotional, and physical level. If you need to deflect negative energy away from you, this is the stone to use. Keep your energy protected from people who are trying to bring you down!

✨Lepidolite is a fantastic stone to hold while you’re having anxiety. In addition to anxiety, it helps calm PTSD, trauma, stress, and depression. It’s lithium content is what contributes to these qualities. It is one of our stones we add to our empath kit!

✨Obsidian is another great protection stone. Another important quality is its connection to shadow work. Obsidian is like a dark mirror that helps you look into your shadow self. Hold obsidian to remain grounded while looking within and protecting you from outside influences.

✨Selenite is cleansing and protecting. It doesn't hold onto negative energy and cleanses other stones. Use these worry stones to cleanse your aura and clear away unwanted energy!

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