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Yellow Jasper Tumbles

Yellow Jasper is a beautiful and vibrant variety of jasper that exhibits hues ranging from pale yellow to deep golden tones. It is a form of chalcedony, a microcrystalline quartz, and is known for its smooth texture and opaque appearance. This mesmerizing stone carries its own unique energy and has been cherished throughout history for its various properties and uses.

This tumbled stone is approximately 1" in size.  Colors and sizes may vary slightly as each stone is unique! One tumbled stone will be intuitively chosen for you.

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How to Use Yellow Jasper:

Harness the vibrant energy of Yellow Jasper in spells and rituals that require a boost of vitality and positivity. Place Yellow Jasper on your altar or carry it with you to infuse your intentions with its vibrant energy. Visualize the yellow light of the stone enveloping you, filling you with renewed energy, confidence, and enthusiasm.

Yellow Jasper is often associated with abundance and prosperity. Use Yellow Jasper in money spells or rituals to attract financial success and opportunities. Place it on your abundance altar or create a crystal grid using Yellow Jasper and other prosperity stones to amplify your intentions for wealth and abundance.

Since Yellow Jasper is linked to the sun, incorporate it into solar rituals and celebrations. Use Yellow Jasper to honor the energy of the sun during summer solstice or other solar festivals. Infuse the stone with your intentions for warmth, vitality, and empowerment, and let it radiate its sunny energy throughout your space.

Use the empowering energy of Yellow Jasper to boost your self-confidence and personal power. Carry it with you or wear it as jewelry to enhance your sense of self-worth and overcome self-doubt. Use Yellow Jasper in affirmations or visualization exercises to strengthen your belief in yourself and your abilities.

How to Use Yellow Jasper in a Spell or Ritual:

Solar Empowerment Ritual. This ritual is designed to harness the radiant energy of the sun and infuse it into your being, promoting personal power, confidence, and vitality.

You will need:

  • Yellow Jasper crystal
  • Yellow or gold candle
  • Lighter or matches
  • A comfortable and quiet space

Preparation: Find a quiet space where you can perform the ritual without interruptions. It could be outdoors during a sunny day or indoors near a sunny window. Place the Yellow Jasper crystal and the yellow or gold candle on your altar or a clean, flat surface.

Grounding and Centering: Sit or stand comfortably and take a few deep breaths to ground yourself. Close your eyes and visualize roots growing from the soles of your feet, grounding you deep into the earth. Feel the stability and support of the earth beneath you.

Candle Lighting: Light the yellow or gold candle, representing the energy of the sun. As you light the candle, set the intention to connect with the empowering energy of the sun and activate your Solar Plexus chakra.

Invocation: Hold the Yellow Jasper crystal in your hands and gaze at the flame of the candle. Feel the warmth and brightness of the sun's energy radiating from the flame. Say an invocation or affirmation, such as: "I call upon the radiant energy of the sun, empowering and enlightening. As I hold this Yellow Jasper, I connect with the strength and confidence within. May the energy of the sun infuse me with vitality, courage, and self-belief."

Energy Infusion: Close your eyes and visualize a brilliant ball of golden light shining above you, representing the sun. Feel its warmth and powerful energy pouring down onto you. Place the Yellow Jasper crystal on your Solar Plexus chakra, located just above your navel. Allow its energy to merge with your own, activating your personal power and confidence. Visualize the vibrant yellow light of the crystal expanding, filling your Solar Plexus chakra with warmth, vitality, and empowerment. Feel it radiating throughout your entire body, energizing every cell.

Affirmations and Intentions: While holding the Yellow Jasper, state affirmations or intentions that resonate with your personal power and confidence. For example: "I am worthy of love and success. I trust in my abilities and make decisions with confidence. I embrace my personal power and shine my light upon the world." Repeat these affirmations several times, allowing their empowering energy to sink deep into your subconscious mind.

Gratitude and Closing: Take a moment to express gratitude for the energy of the sun, the Yellow Jasper crystal, and the empowerment you've received. Blow out the candle, symbolizing the completion of the ritual and the integration of the sun's energy within you.

Remember, rituals are personal expressions of intention and energy. Feel free to modify this ritual or add any elements that resonate with you. Allow the energy of Yellow Jasper and the sun to fill you with confidence, vitality, and personal power as you embrace your true potential.

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Yellow Jasper Tumbles
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