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Crystal Mini PointsCrystal Mini Points
Crystal Mini Points Sale price$6.00
Sold outAmethyst Tumbled Stone for Spiritual ProtectionAmethyst Tumbled Stone for Spiritual Protection
Save $1.00Mugwort for DivinationMugwort for Divination
Mugwort for Divination Sale price$4.00 Regular price$5.00
Amethyst AA Raw Rough Chunks for IntuitionAmethyst AA Raw Rough Chunks for Intuition
Rainbow Fluorite Tumbled StoneRainbow Fluorite Tumbled Stone
Blue Aventurine Tumbled Stone for Clarity
Peach Moonstone Tumbled StonePeach Moonstone Tumbled Stone
Peach Moonstone Tumbled Stone Sale priceFrom $2.00
Celestine aka Celestite Raw PiecesCelestine aka Celestite Raw Pieces
Angel Aura Tumbled StonesAngel Aura Tumbled Stones
Sold outDumortierite Tumbled Stones for Mental FocusDumortierite Tumbled Stones for Mental Focus
Sodalite Tumbled StoneSodalite Tumbled Stone
Sodalite Tumbled Stone Sale price$2.00
Save $3.00Apatite A Grade Rough Stones for Psychic ActivationApatite A Grade Rough Stones for Psychic Activation
Apatite A Grade Rough Stones for Psychic Activation Sale price$3.00 Regular price$6.00
Amethyst Point Pendant Necklace with Ornate Vintage DetailAmethyst Point Pendant Necklace with Ornate Vintage Detail
Ashwagandha Root for Vitality
Sodalite Raw StoneSodalite Raw Stone
Sodalite Raw Stone Sale price$3.00
Clear Quartz Shiva LingamClear Quartz Shiva Lingam
Save $2.00Caribbean Calcite Tumbled StoneCaribbean Calcite Tumbled Stone
Caribbean Calcite Tumbled Stone Sale price$4.00 Regular price$6.00
Agate Geode Tumbled StoneAgate Geode Tumbled Stone
Ametrine Tumbled StonesAmetrine Tumbled Stones
Ametrine Tumbled Stones Sale price$2.50
Sold outApophyllite Point TipsApophyllite Point Tips
Apophyllite Point Tips Sale price$10.00
Rainbow Moonstone HeartsRainbow Moonstone Hearts
Rainbow Moonstone Hearts Sale price$22.00
Sodalite GeneratorSodalite Generator
Sodalite Generator Sale priceFrom $14.00
Blue Topaz Tumbled StonesBlue Topaz Tumbled Stones
Blue Topaz Tumbled Stones Sale price$11.00
Amethyst Palm Stones for Stress ReliefAmethyst Palm Stones for Stress Relief
Apatite Palm Stones for Spiritual AttunementApatite Palm Stones for Spiritual Attunement
Intuition Crystal KitIntuition Crystal Kit
Intuition Crystal Kit Sale price$15.00
Azurite Tumbled Stone for EnlightenmentAzurite Tumbled Stone for Enlightenment
Third Eye Chakra OilThird Eye Chakra Oil
Third Eye Chakra Oil Sale price$22.00
Platonic Solids Clear Quartz SetPlatonic Solids Clear Quartz Set
Rainbow Moonstone Palm StonesRainbow Moonstone Palm Stones
Sodalite Palm StoneSodalite Palm Stone
Sodalite Palm Stone Sale price$22.00
Caribbean Calcite Palm StoneCaribbean Calcite Palm Stone
Iolite & Hermiker Diamond Third Eye Earrings
Aragonite GeneratorsAragonite Generators
Aragonite Generators Sale price$33.00
Aura Quartz PendulumAura Quartz Pendulum
Aura Quartz Pendulum Sale price$44.00